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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Info On California Fires

And Still I Persist is back up with some really spectacular stuff. Try this post for starters. For those who aren't familiar with the territory, it can be hard to understand why the fires are so dangerous and hard to control. It's a combination of the terrain and the winds. The canyons and mountains form chimneys under certain conditions.

This story in the San Diego Union Tribune of a family that was evacuated three times conveys how rough it has been in SD. The power situation is "highly dynamic". A decent roundup of the fires as of this morning.

Harris is flaring up and Orange County is having some more difficulty. Winds are generally moving to an onshore pattern, but this could blow flames back over skipped areas in the interior, so the firefighters are still under extreme pressure.

Prior posts with other links.

Thanks for the mention!

Bruce H - And Still I Persist
Great blog, Bruce.
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