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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Please Pray For Jay And Cheryl

Jay is a young man who is a friend of one of my brothers. He is married to Cheryl and they have a young daughter. He had a massive heart attack and is on life support with liver and kidney problems. They do not know whether he will make it.

He's a good man who has led a somewhat troubled life. Cheryl loves him dearly. I am sure that their daughter would love to grow up with more than pictures of her daddy, but please pray for strength and G_d's help and protection for them all.

Update: I wish I had better news. This is not going well. They are starting dialysis today in the hopes that they can clear enough fluid from his lungs to wean him from the respirator. He is still sedated, and yesterday his white blood cell count was up, so they have him on strong antibiotics. Blood tests show diabetes, although they are not sure if it is a result of the insult or a pre-existing condition. I promise you that if you had seen this man, you'd not have ever thought it could come to this.

Your prayers are genuinely needed. Their daughter is four now.

Mama, I am so sorry to hear about this. Certainly we will keep them close to our hearts and prayers. Please update us on this family.
They have my prayers,and i will ask a friend to put them on the prayer list at our local Buddhist temple.
Thanks very much, both of you!

The latest is that the kidneys may be improving. He is still sedated and on a respirator.
Prayers coming from me too! Hope he continues to improve.
Thanks, Teri. I woke up this morning with a lightened heart. I think he may have turned a corner, even though there's no fresh news. Always before when I was praying for someone critically ill and this happened, they did survive. But keep praying!!

No good news on the monks of Burma, though.
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