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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Sucks Big Time

AP published the story of Michael Devlin's guilty plea, along with his court admission. Michael Devlin kidnapped two kids to satisfy his own deviant urges. Needless to say, the court admission included quite a bit of agonizing detail.

AP to which I will not link, saw fit in their boundless stupidity to include the names of the two kids in their article about the court proceeding and the sentence. OK, we all heard those names, because people were looking for the one kid, and had been looking for the previous victim. When you are getting the word out to public about a missing child you have to include their name and their picture. And then, when they are found, the public then needs to know. But that is the only time kid's names should be used. When you are looking for them, and then when they are found. The only time. Why did those names have to be in this article? They didn't.

For this, AP gets the Editorial Stupidity Award of the Year from me. They deserve a blast from the public on this one. You can contact AP at info@ap.org. Also protest to any newspaper or website that ran the article with their names. That will probably do more good.

The cretins.

I'm a St. Louis local. The names are all over the news here. They HAVE been, ever since the case broke nine months ago. Their pictures are all over the place. EVERYBODY knows who these kids are and every miniscule detail of their lives. So why put up a charade?

If you've been following the story right along (like I have), you'll recall several pieces the AP sent out with a disclaimer, which reads something like the following: "It is the general policy of the AP to withhold the names of child abuse victims. However, the cases of the aforementioned has been very widely publicized."

Everybody already knows the story. We're sick of it too. But it's not like they're letting the cat out of the bag. Not at all.
No, they are not. But they are reiterating an injury. You only do that if you need to do that for some potentially positive result.

People have very short memories.
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