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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Calvin And Hobbes

For something completely different? Calvin and Hobbes snow art.

My refrigerator gave out this week - just when it suddenly warmed up (I dragged the Chief to an unknown secluded northern locale from which he cannot escape in order to ensure he would actually attend his medical appointments.) Anyway, ice is on my mind.

Thanks MoM, enjoyed the light hearted fun - miss CnH!

Yes, lots of laughs.

C&H was one of my favorite cartoons.

But it means I'll have to visit Mish's blog twice for depressing economic news.

Vader, never let bad times get in the way of laughter! Believe, I am the Queen of Bad Times, and I know.
thanks MOM.I was also a farside fan,but CnH caught the essence of boyishness.
I of a mind not to let laughter get in the way of enjoying a good disaster, but, without good times, there is no way to appreciate the bad times.

In the big picture, who will remember what happens today, 10 years from now. 100 years it will not rate a sentence in a history book. 1000 years The USA will be like the Roman Empire, something that history students will dread reading about.
A happy and safe New Year to all.Remember that the creative driving classes have their final exams today,be careful on the roads.
Good advice, Tom. They say New Year's is a very busy time in emergency rooms!

Vader, all our dramas usually don't add up to even a line in the history books. This meltdown will actually get into the history books, but probably not as more than a paragraph - if we're lucky. It's odd, but all the good times in history are the stuff that never gets recorded. No news is good news.
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