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Monday, December 10, 2007

How Bad It Really Is

The spread tells the story. It's worse overseas, btw. Read it and grow sober.

More later if time permits. The ECB needs to cut rates and cut 'em fast.

I had a nice cup of chamomile tea to settle my stomach.All of the people cheering this correction do not seem to consider the effects on society in general.I did not like it on the way up,and wish there were more parachutes to hand out on the way down.
FYI at the last ECB press conference, there were members who voted for a tightening.
Read and get drunk, more likely...;)
Tom - I am of the same mind. If one more sanctimonious idiot starts prating about helping homeowners while proposing bailouts for builders, banks and mortgage cos, I'm gonna scream.

CF - yes, I know. But they are going to get worse than we are and they need to start fighting back. Now.

Anon - the drinking solution does not work for me.
Was reading latest mainstream articles on "Where did the home equity go?" and my mind free-associated to this Steve Taylor Video that answers it all:

Cash Cow

(Steve Taylor was known for Christian satirical music back in the Eighties. His stuff got him in hot water with the church ladies to the point he went into producing instead of performing.)
It's really, really bad!

Sgufala is really, really nice.

Vulviferous human beings are really useful.
Thanks, Squfalo. That made me laugh. I am indeed a vulva-bearing human.
what the heck is Squfalo??????

SGUFFALO please, Sguffalo Bill
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