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Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Little More Christmassy

Top Billing to Viola's Christmas in the Orphanage, and if you think it's depressing, think again:
We always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve as each child made themselves look as beautiful and as handsome as they could. I remember how anxious we were to finish our evening meal and clean up so that the big curtain could be pulled back. Everyone was so excited and as we gathered around the curtain. We began to sing Christmas songs, and then the curtain finally was pulled back. I would have to fight back tears because our bond of togetherness and love was strong during Christmas as we sang such beautiful old songs. I loved looking at the Manger as the social workers would read to us the story again of the miracle of Christ’s birth. Candles were lit on the Christmas tree as the room was dimmed. It was a holy and very reverent moment for all of us.
Probably one of the most Christmassy things you'll read this year.

The Anchoress posts Giuliani's Christmas ad. Funny, and it cracks me up that Huckabee's got all that attention. Rudy has something. A verve. He's willing to be himself. I'm not saying that he's my candidate, but it is a relief to see someone willing to mock the whole thing a bit. I think it's such a pity that the primaries have been moved up to the beginning of the year. The candidates shouldn't be stumping now. The voters don't want to hear it - they want to be with their families, and the candidates should be with their families too. These are, after all, not spring chickens. They deserve a rest.

Well, the Magi followed their star, and the Vatican astronomers are going to be moving into better facilities to keep gazing at theirs. I don't know why, but this story struck me as being right in the holiday mood.

In truth, Christmas is in the heart.

My favorite scene is all of Christmas literature, movies, plays, commercials or whatever is the one from the Polar Express, where the sleigh bell is only heard by those who believe.
You're right. It is in the heart. The heart we show to one another. You can't have a good Christmas alone, but you can be alone, head out to help others you don't even know, and have a great Christmas.

Christmas is the Anti-Solipsistic holiday. (Whether you're a Christian or not.)
Yep, but it is a lonely time for a lot of folks.

Singles without a partner, the elderly, Those whose children are with the other parent.

Restaurant in a town a bit south of mine, is offering free meals and companionship for the lonely on Christmas.

NPR had a story on 'Blue Christmas' Celebrations at churches.


For folks feeling blue at Christmas, also folks without children, singles, and otherwise those with the blues.
Have a blessed Christmas, MOMama!
Mama, I just checked my I-Pod since I am on vacation. thank you for your very kind words.

I wish you a very blessed and meaningful New Year!
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