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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

75 BPS To Start The Day Off Right

Feeling anemic, weak, tired, or well, just a bit older each passing day? Not sleeping well? Anxiety getting you down?

Try FED Tonic 75! Guaranteed (although not with legal enforceability) to get your trading day started with a bounce!

In case of emergency, we deliver Next Day. Just call 1-800-FED-OUCH, and you can be sipping FED Tonic 75 with breakfast the next morning.

PS: So far, Bovespa futures are up. That's very good. My guess is that we can use Bovespa as a proxy for countries like Turkey.

More like Cipro,I think.we'll see how resistant the economy is soon...time for fdic to staph up?
Disgusting, but very funny. Yes, this is reaction to a serious infection. Seems to be working so far, though.
Sorry, Guys. In Jan, 2000 the Fed shocked the market and eased 50 bpts. The NASDAQ was up 15%, S+P up 5%. It still ended in tears.
MoM I really do hope it works.I suspect that all the good choices left the room a while ago.As someone who has had to take my pick of bad choices more than once,and live with the consequences,I am of the opinion that a quick and brutal correction is a lot less painful or harmful in the long run.Take care ,and give my best to Jay and Cheryl,oh and don't hesitate to whack the chief on the head if he gets too rambunctious.
More like Cipro,I think. -- Tom Stone

More like Viagra.

What happens when the Viagra wears off?
Headless - Deflation! You guys are killing me....

CF - no real arguments here. We have to go until we hit a feasible set of valuations. The best the Fed can do is slow the slope.
Here's James Lileks' commentary on it, from today's Daily Bleat:

I don’t look forward to today. Plunging markets, trading brakes, B roll footage of traders shouting on the floor of the Stock Exchange, top-of-the-hour radio news with the newsreaders using their Important Concern inflection because God forbid the story should speak for itself. Then tomorrow there will be an editorial cartoon that has someone selling apples. Panic. Stupid, useless snowballing hysteria. I’m not worried about the economy at this point; I’m worried what people will do save it. Rebates! Oh, that’s grand. Nothing restores fundamental consumer confidence like shoving money in their hands and yelling SPEND IT! SPEND IT NOW! ON ANYTHING! THROW PILLOWS! STEEPLY DISCOUNTED HD-DVD PLAYERS! BLOWN-GLASS GEEGAWS! TRAILER HITCHES! BUCKETS OF PICKLES! IT DOESN’T MATTER! Or you could tax everyone more so they feel poorer, so they spend less, then wonder why retail sales are down, commercial property is soft, and business tax receipts have cratered.

(Lileks is a journalist and blogger from Minneapolis with a wicked sense of humor.)
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