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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boob Power In Action

I doubled over when I saw this. It's a Clueless Congress Critter moment of sheer excellence. VIDEO CLIP. This should encourage us all to do our homework - I had a flashback to an unhappy moment in fourth grade.

Video of Bernanke's testimony is here, but the Q&A is not included. His statement in text is here.

I bet she was so embarrassed!
She didn't seem to be!
If she were a senator,I'd take two in return for Dianne Feinstein,and throw in Don Perata for free.Google Richard Blum,Carlyle Group (Hubbikins)for a taste of DIFI's sense of duty to the people.
She probably thought "Princeton" was the name of a hedge fund.

This is what you get when a person is so full of moral indignation that there is no room left for a mind...
Tom, I bet I could come up with much worse.

David, that sums it up exquisitely.
She didn't get embarrassed - she got even... at the staffer who inaccurately prepared her cheat sheet going in. I'd bet that staffer is a 'statistic' by now.

Doesn't excuse her ignorance but is how things are done in the club.
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