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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chief Metalheart

That's his new name - Chief Metalheart. Strategically placed bits of metal stand between him and death.

Still, this is the first good breath I've taken in several months.

The moral of the story is that sometimes the nagging woman is RIGHT.

Now, back to the hospital. Once this is done I'm going to sleep for a week.


My learning from married life is the nagging woman is ALWAYS right! ;-)

Hang in there, we are all rooting for you and the Chief.
My prayers are with you guys.
I hope for the best.

One of God's blessings to men, is as we grow older, our hearing deteriorates in exactly the same frequency range as women speak in.
Vader - overuse. And I'll leave it at that, but I did laugh. Thanks, guys.
I hope you did not have to threaten him with OPRAH! subscriptions,it is best to save your big guns until needed.Congratulations on Navigating the medical system so well,and do not forget to eat.I am off to chainsaw the tree blocking the driveway and go to my dentist.
Geeze, Tom. Mentioning the chainsaw and the dentist in one sentence raises painful sensations.

You lead a strenuous life, don't you?
Yeah, a strenuous life is good insurance against those metal hearts though. I'm trying to walk maybe an eighth of a mile down our drive covered with very thick slushy snow. It's still knee deep in spots. Still, it's what makes Jeffrey a skinny old guy with legs of steel. Hang in there and just think: next time, he'll have to listen to you. You were right before!
Sadly, the Chief was the King of strenuous. He's always been incredibly physically active. It doesn't protect everyone. Some have to go the rabbit food route.

He wasn't heavy until just recently when he slowed down because, as it now turns out, the heart couldn't pump enough blood to his extremities.

Rabbit food, here we come. Fortunately I am already a carrot-gnawer. I'm going to miss those ribs, though. He knows how to cook them well.
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