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Friday, January 18, 2008

I Love Logic Puzzles

Lance sent me this. I hunted around on the web to find a web version, but you can do it with pencil and paper too. Supposedly this is a Japanese employment test.

There are two daughters, a mother, two sons, a father, a policeman and a prisoner on one side of a river. They need to get across. There is a ferry which will transport only two people at one time across the river, but:
If you are stumped, I'll put a hint to get you started in the comments.

You've got to be logical about this.

Either the mother, father or policeman is going to be the first across the river. It's not the mother, because then the father would be alone with at least one daughter. It's not the father, because at least the mother would be alone with at least one son. Therefore, it must be the policeman.
Thanks for the puzzle post, am curious about your thoughts re:the spread on CP opening a bit between A2/P2 and AA non-financial CP (looks like about 45 bps)?
It's to be expected. The trend will probably accelerate because some corporate bonds were backed by insurance in one way or another. As counterparty risk rises, the fundamentals of debt become more significant in the eyes of investors.
Thanks MoM - on the puzzle front these days I favor crosswords myself - how is the Chief doing these days?
Chief Metalheart is doing fine. He's decided to live. I know because he's drinking green tea in a fit of stoic virtue. He was up most of the night recently. That stuff has quite a bit of caffeine.

I've tried green tea, and I think it's foul.
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