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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Political Commentary Of The Day

Daniel Drezner ran a contest for the single worst sentence in a student paper.

My favorite is "Given politicians' efforts to maninpulate coverage, citizens cannot easily distinguish between fact and fornication." There are other choice items to chuckle over, but somehow this one seems totally appropriate considering all the coverage Hillary has been getting lately.

Thank you for the link,MoM,good stuff.While I do not want Hillary as president because I do not like her policies,I have to agree that the press coverage of her has been shameful.I would vote for Elizabeth Edwards in an eyeblink over Hillary because I think she has more sense and more backbone than Hillary.I know that politics is the art of the possible,and that the process is at times ugly and repellent...but I also believe that principles are worth standing up for at times even when you "know" you don't have a chance.I haven't seen many in the Dem party who have any principles at all regardless of gender.
I think the press coverage has been awful all the way around - content poor and gossipy. That may be fun for the reporters, but for the voters on the ground, it's the worst possible thing.

"Trained journalists" have a lot of fun sneering at the great unwashed public, but I think the great unwashed public is more serious and far more fair in the way the public approaches these matters.
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