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Friday, February 08, 2008

Chief Metalheart Reigns

The Chief returned from his doctor's visit resplendent with virtue, with his halo cocked rakishly over one eye. His blood tests were exceptionally good - good enough that he has been released on his own recognizance for several months, whereas he was originally scheduled for monthly visits for a while. Clearly he has been promoted to Profoundly Reliable and Cooperative Patient status, which is hard to achieve.

And me? I'm happy that I can return to the No-Nag zone. Very happy. Now instead of nagging I get to encourage him on by periodically expressing sincere (and completely genuine) admiration for his self-discipline, and that is going to make for a much happier atmosphere and an even more resplendent Chief halo. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

For what's it's worth, this was achieved with a half dosage of one original prescription and about 1/4th another, thus lowering the risks considerably. Neither doctor believed me when I assured them that the Chief would be self-disciplined about this. I don't blame them, because you can't be around the Chief for ten minutes without realizing that he makes a mule look like the most amenable, docile and easily-directed creature on earth.

But the other thing about the Chief is that he is very much a scientist, and he trusts in data. He is in fact quite stubborn about not ignoring data. I'm sure that the entire purpose of his decision to never go to the doctor again was to avoid getting inconvenient data that might provide an awkward pretext for nagging, but once he got the data, he was going to live by it.

I am very relieved. They have some great medications for this sort of thing now, but they can be quite toxic. I hope to cut his prescriptions down even further in about a year. It's up to him now. He'll be highly motivated to cut down the opportunities for medical nagging.

Well done. Be sure to thank the Light.
Wonderful news!
CF, believe me, I do.

Teri, it is.
Excellent. Today is a good day.
I am so happy for the both of you to hear this news. Continued best wishes to the both of you!
Great news!
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