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Friday, April 11, 2008

Exquisitely Ironic

Sometimes I suspect those MSN guys have a very sly sense of humor. Here's an article headlined "Field Trip brings college class to Nevada brothel". The subheader is "Va. students interview prostitutes for course on American consumption".

The students got interviews with several of the women:
Thursday's class trip, which included seminars from the working girls, capped a course on American consumption and "the ideas that consume us."
Alicia wore a black-and-white gingham nighty and a tattoo on her left breast that read "Famous."

"I enjoy giving back what some people don't get in their lives, as far as companionship, time, just the touch of a woman," she said. The job allows her to take care of her mother and grandmother. She's also in real estate.
Ummm. The motto of the course the students are taking is "don't just study America, live it!"

Well, thing sure have changed since I was in college. Imagine what my GPA could have been if this was available.

While they were there, they should have asked for services based on a nothing-down Pay Option ARM.

Hookers, being asmarter than subprime security raters, know to get the money up front.
Attendance is probably pretty good!

Nah, hookers don't do it on credit. That was one thing we all learned from the Spitzer deal. Those ladies got payment up front.

I thought it was a pretty good gig this one outfit has going on. They talk to the press and its got to be worth a lot in free advertising!

I go through 200-300 resumes a year to hire for 4-8 positions a year depending on our needs. The majority of resumes I receive from new graduates includes coursework as they don't have any work experience.
I doubt the applicants to my positions even contemplated taking such a course. And if they did it's not on their resume.

MC - Engineers definitely don't have the time or energy. As one engineer told me "I didn't graduate, I escaped!"
Another sign of decay and univs. getting and wasting too much money.

And, from what I've seen and foul language ripping out of their mouths around at least one public. univ. campus they're in training. The univs. have no standards or discipline by staff any more but are places that move thousands through for vested interested profiteering.

Saw a large banner advertising their play named
UrinETown this week! Yes.


Yes, noticed the stats. on empty containers returning a few years ago. Know the way China operates, probably using other markets or the extra to bring back Africa's resources.

Another whole topic:
Any one else think at least @1/3 of courses and all the propagandizing & social engineering courses should be X'd out by now?
Arts, music, College Eng., writing,comms., sports, should be separate fee-supported academies.

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