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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Politics: Bye Bye Hillary

I do not know who I think should be president out of the top three, but I do know that Hillary has convinced me that she should not be.

What an amazingly classless exit.

She's a poor speaker. But not quite as stuttery as Hank Paulson!
I want someone to explain something to me. Why do they keep talking about Hillary's win in Indiana? Why aren't they asking about why Obama can't seem to win in states like that? If he is the front runner, then he should be the one to put this away. Indiana was supposed to be a tossup, yet he couldn't pull off a win there. Instead, what we get are more articles online saying that Hillary should drop out. You know I'm not a Hillary supporter, but he needs to be held accountable for his own campaign and lack of success.
And the hell of it all is that she may be right...
While not particularly racist, the blacks are pushing the election that way: "You either with me (Obama Types) or you're a lousy racist"
A great way to make racism popular...
I'm really curious to see how the super-delegates vote. Sometimes I think we have four parties: the Republicans, Democrats, Bushes & Clintons.
We've definitely got three parties, that's for sure. I'm not so sure about the Bushes.

Teri, Hillary barely squeaked by in Indiana - less than 2% margin. She should have been able to walk away with that after getting a boost from "the Wright stuff". One reason she isn't doing that well is that there are concerns about this bit about being forced to buy insurance whether you can afford it or not.

Anon, she's not right. One thing you don't do is dump a bucket of acid on your own party. And that's what this is - pure poison for the Dems. One thing we need for a president is someone who is going to put the country's welfare before the president's, and I think Hillary has just proved that she is not that person.

If you don't like the Dems, you can get a kick out of what she said! The people who are working class, white, and didn't go to college vote for me - does anyone else remember all the stuff about "red states" and what's the matter with Kansas? The meme was that only poor losers voted Republican....
Some months ago, one blogger caught news coverage of Hillary in a rare moment of spontaniety and called on her to "cast The Ring into the Fire" before it consumed her completely.

I figured it was too late; if the One Ring goes into the Crack of Doom, it'll go in with Hillary clutching it to herself and screaming "MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!"

For the hearts of Men are easily corrupted, and The Ring of POWER has a Will of its own...


I figure the superdelegates are getting a LOT of phone calls these days. Phone calls where a familiar voice reads their FBI files to them in an Aw-Shucks Arkansas accent...
Has anyone else really sat down and taken a good hard look at the Indiana exit poll? here?

The details are rather shocking. The only reason why she's saying that she won among white working-class people is that they split working class people evenly.

36% of the respondents said that Hillary did not share their values. Only 31% answered that Obama did not. Only 54% of the respondents answered "Yes" to the question "Is Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy"? 67% answered yes to "Is Obama honest and trustworthy"?

It goes on like that. The truth is that she has very high negatives even among Democrats.

The idea that Obama is less electable than she just doesn't wash too well. Yes, he's a bit left for the country, his mad pastor/mentor raises doubts, and he has no experience to speak of. But Hillary is not trusted, and that's for good reasons.

Like you, I'm not sure who I dislike least, but sHillary is up there in my disliked most category.

I must admit that I have wondered if racism could still defeat Obama where a white Dem might win.

But it is totally disgraceful that Clinton is appealing to racist fears or even to fears of racism, to try and overturn election results which have come in against her. That is not how we climb out of this hole.
My problem is that if I listen to any single one of them for any length of time I tend to be convinced that they should not be president. Sigh.
I do not trust Hillary Clinton at all.A year ago,I would have described her as a reasonably competent political operator with no morals or scruples.I no longer have such a positive opinion of her.
I fear that this is the essence of Hillary:

Please note that the fakesteve blog is run by Dan Lyons, a "journalist" who has shown himself quite "economical with truth" in his coverage of various software issues, most notably the SCO vs. IBM case. See GrokLaw for more info, if you care.

Lyons calling Hillary dishonest is definitely a pot and kettle thing. I'm no Hillary fan, but we have to use up our outrage in the correct order and proportion.
Hmm. Nonetheless, I understand the point. Hillary cannot win the general election without black support - no Democrat can. Thus, I would describe it by paraphrasing Shakespeare "I'll bend them to my bell, or send them all to hell."

Aside from the nastiness and divisiveness, she is pursuing a strategy that cannot give her a victory in the attempt to give Obama a defeat.
Mish is even more upfront, it's not about trying to get the nomination, but to prevent an Obama presidency:

Hillary's Scorched Earth Policy

Hillary cannot possibly win in 2008. However, the economy is so weak, and will likely remain so weak that the next president could easily be a one term president. If Obama wins the presidency, Hillary has zero chance of winning the nomination in 2012. Obama will be the next Democratic nominee if he wins the presidency. It is as simple as that.

On the other hand, if McCain wins the presidency, Hillary does have a chance of being the nominee in 2012. Beyond that she will be a washed up has been.

Hillary is not demented. Her continuing an impossible race is all about trashing Obama as much as possible so that she does not have to run against a Democratic incumbent in 2012."

Utterly vile, if true. I think it probably is true, though she may just be praying for another Rev. Wright / "bitter rednecks" style of eruption.
MOM, I think you're missing the point. Why is it that we aren't asking questions about why the front runner didn't do better? I didn't expect much change with the Rev. Wright stuff. In fact, I don't think most people hold that against him, although I feel it shows a terrible lack of judgement on his part. We are seeing totally weird stuff now, like Obama getting huffy about McCain mentioning Hamas' support for the Obama candidacy. In fact, no one seems to be asking Obama much of anything.

I suspect that somewhere in their back pockets, the Clinton team have a bombshell or two about Obama. They may not use it just yet. If it's altogether hopeless, they may leak it during the campaign to damage Obama (not that he seems to need a lot of help.) So I would say that I'm on the side of Hillary looking at 2012 right now. I had this interesting thought this morning about an Obama presidency with Bill Ayers appointed as the Secretary of Education. No reason why he couldn't do that, if he gets elected.
**Why aren't we asking questions about why the frontrunner didn't do better**

Well, he's the guy with no experience. Come on now.

This is really about Hillary's negatives, anyway you slice it or dice it.

I don't think Wright is being held against him that much, because that is a black-oriented bizarreness, but there's plenty of other bizarreness in this race. Heck, Hillary in the Bosnia Special Forces comes to mind, her campaign financing problems, etc.

Everything's relative, and the question is his relative position.

And I think Obama will do better in the general than commonly thought.
I just watched the video at the fakesteve site. It is so hilarious!

I still say Lyons would run over his mother for a few bucks, though.
Everything's relative, and the question is his relative position.

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