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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Twas A Dark And Rainy Day

Ughh. The news about Kennedy brought back some highly unpleasant memories, because I have had several people in my family die of gliomas. I will definitely be keeping them in my prayers.

It seems that this election year is just bound to heap unpleasantness upon unpleasantness. Well, maybe this will be a reminder to us all that there are people involved. Yes, flawed people and imperfect people, but PEOPLE. Human beings. People must always be taken seriously. People put the light into the world for us, and some few become vicious destroyers of that light for reasons which we really do not understand.

I am also praying for Viola's family members. Her aunt had just gotten remarried about a year ago to a man who had lost his wife four years previously. That left him with three motherless daughters. One may guess that it was a great relief when Viola's aunt and he met and joined their lives. Very suddenly, this gentleman died leaving the entire extended family in shock and leaving those three daughters, who have now lost both their parents, in deep shock. Viola says they are not doing well. Your prayers would be appreciated.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. . . .

They'll be in my prayers.

Thank you Mama and thank you Paul.
Mama, your economic analysis is second to none. I hope that the sentiments expressed in the linked "heap" comment are not echoed here, but are rather displayed as an attempt to lift the stone on the US electorate's mind and see what ugliness is scampering about beneath...
Oh, I think the electorate is quite right to be irked at the (reported) comments. They may well have been somewhat misreported.

The problem is not who is eating what where and how other people feel about that, but the rising prices of food, which are inextricably linked to the price of petroleum. Ag requires a lot of energy input.

And it is not the perception of various populations that counts, but the ability of the global economic system to produce food at a price that the populations can afford that matters. To talk about perceptions diverts attention from the underlying issue.

It's bad politics and a refusal to discuss fundamental issues that is irking the electorate, and the electorate is correct.

Throwing biofuels (those that are an inefficient way to generate energy from an efficient food source) into the mix is exaggerating the situation, as has the US refusal to generate its own energy from domestic sources.

Both Obama and McCain are on record in favor of policies which purport to be environmentally aware but are in fact a form of protectionism. Also, it is salt in the wounds of the approximately 15% of the US population that is having difficulty buying food to claim that it is eating too much. This is politics at its worst.
Yes - wise reminder: it's life and we're all just people.
Yes, we're all people and our pangs, pains and suffering are quite universal. It's the failure to take individual human being suffering seriously which underlies a lot of macro problems.
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