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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carl Puts Heller To Bed

Carl at No Oil For Pacifists pretty much slams the door on the helpless, outraged horror of those who claim the Supreme Court made up an individual right. It is, of course, made exceptionally easy by the fact that the dissents in DC v Heller also concede that the Second Amendment confers an individual right, with the real variance being on the topic of what that individual right might mean. For more on that, start at Volokh.

Funniest thing I have heard on this topic from one gunowner "I printed the ruling out and I sleep with it under my pillow." If you currently have the Supreme Court's decision tucked under your pillow, you will enjoy Carl's post and the links a great deal.

Carl's prior post on the topic initiated a comments brawl. I think perhaps the content-rich environment of Carl's current post might scare away the Anons, but we'll see. One of the reasons that some people react with abject fear at the idea that average people might have guns in their houses is the habit of the intemperate left of wishing a torturous end upon their political enemies. To demonstrate, I bring you this thread from DU, which begins with an original post of:
I hope ferrets eat Lieberman's face.. that's all I have to say right now...
.It does not really improve from there IMO. It's not as if no one demurs:
14. What do you have against ferrets?
They are cute little critters, are you trying to poison them with that kind of diet.
Such simple elegance of thought, and rhetorical brilliance! I suppose if I were in the habit of wishing this type of fate upon political opponents I'd be scared of them owning weapons also.

Think I'd be particularly scared of ME owning weapons as well. Or ferrets.

But I'm pleased the court, in an unusual move, indicates the constitution says just what it says.
It is an exceptionally nice change. I'm just waiting for the great and glorious day when a majority of the Supreme Court rules that in fact, citizens do not lose their constitutional free speech rights 60 days before an election, and that they can hold radio campaigns, go door to door, and use their s_n_t_rs' name in newspaper ads.

Tell us more about your problem with ferrets....
MoM,using the word s_n_t_r in a family newspaper is a bit much.It could expose our children to a kind of depravity that could scar them for life.
Thanks for the link-y love.
So, Anon, your theory is that the s_n_t_rs are actually promoting family values when they will not allow us to publicize their names in voting seasons? Considering the recent antics, you may have a point.

Hey - does anyone know if the good s_n_t_rs have a McCain-Feingold amendment in the words to prohibit publishing a s_n_t_rs name in conjunction with mentions of sexual hijinks at any time, under the theory that we must avoid the appearance of public corruption per the Supreme Court, which is just like God, according to Pelosi?

Isn't McCain an idiot for even mentioning Obama's decision not to take public funds? After all, McCain is the person who basically gave the FEC the s_n_t_rial finger in the primary phase. He's a great one to talk.
I think we should get guns off of the street! Our children are at risk! I am working as a liberal to do this, mostly by getting these dangerous weapons out of our communities and into my closet(s), Gun sleeves, safe, attic, garage, several gun crates and any other place I can fit them.
Thank you for your contribution to our public safety and the general economy, Mr. Sensitive.

It is citizens like you upon whom we can count in hard times.
Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

This ruling isn't about the mere existence of guns - it's about people who don't know how to take care of them. Of course a handgun ban means that only criminals have handguns - it's only realistic to think otherwise when you have an agenda.

Personal responsibility is the backbone of fundamental American values. If you don't know how to store a gun, learn. If you don't know how to clean a gun, learn. If you don't know how to teach your kid about guns.. yep, learn about that as well. But the most fun? If you don't know how to shoot a gun, learn.

This isn't even liberal v conservative. This is a health and public safety issue, and I'm happy the SC finally confirmed that guns are good.
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