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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Even The Arabs Say Obama's Got A Jewish Problem?

Newsweek pontificates and reassures, but even Arabs are noticing last week's middle-East folly (hat tip The Anchoress, and read the whole post!). Sultan's Notes:
The Democratic Party contender’s promises appear to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other depending on the audience he is addressing. He had previously referred to the Cuban embargo as an utter failure and promised to end it; yet when he spoke last year to a Cuban-American audience he promised to maintain it because it is “an important inducement for change”.

The same has also occurred with regards to other issues such as immigration and the decriminalisation of marijuana. However, in the emotional Middle East, it was only when we heard him promise to keep Jerusalem united as capital of the state of Israel forever that we began to realise that he is not greater than the sum of his parts.

Mr Obama later spoke on CNN and backtracked on his unified Jerusalem comments as he once again adjusted his rhetoric to suit the audience he is targeting. Jewish voters have come to realise this about Mr Obama and that is one of the main reasons they are justifiably wary of voting for him.
No kidding. The Church-of- Black-And-Absolutely-Not-Jewish-Jesus is another reason, and the latest about the anti-Semitic postings on his website are truly infuriating a lot of people who aren't Jewish. Really. He didn't put them up, but wouldn't you expect them not to have been tolerated?

In the meantime, the congressional Democrats need to stop introducing proposals to raise the cost of fuel, or Jesus himself couldn't get elected on the Democratic ticket. This is no longer funny.

Not funny,but certainly absurd.could a horse be better than our current candidates?
I don't know. We may need a third party yet, and donkeys and elephants are taken.

I feel sorry for the sane in Congress. They probably have nightmares.
OK, so if somebody starts a racist blog on blogspot.com, does that mean blogspot.com is racist? I don't think so. Same concept here. In retrospect, Obama would have been better off allowing less freedom of "community creation" or having more moderation, but a couple of nutcases blogging on his site does not make him an anti-semite.

Just as McCain's expression that it's "not too important" when the soldiers come home from Iraq doesn't make him uncaring about our troops (as Olbermann annoyingly ranted for most of a half hour tonight), because his real point was that if they are there maintaining an already stable situation, it can be a low cost effort. Having said that, I don't know how we get to an "already stable situation" in Iraq.

Frankly I'm more annoyed at Obama for having associated with Jim Johnson, former chairman of Fannie Mae. I remember thinking when that was announced that anybody with that background had to be slimy - and now we find out just how slimy he really was. So much for Obama's superior judgement....
After following links to links to links, I arrive at:

Barack Obama’s List of Unsavory Relationships Continues to Grow

This certainly is an eye-opener. How this set of friends and advisors produces a pro-Israeli (or even anti-terrorist) policy is beyond me.
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