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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unbelievable Canadian Story

The Anchoress has a roundup post about some of the recent Canadian be-nice society developments, culminating in the story of a disobedient child who was refused permission to go on a school trip by her custodial father. The mother sued (officially the child did), and won.

The Anchoress asks if Canada is a Stepford Nation. Maybe so! Certainly this is not going to end well for the nation or for that child. Life is tough, and if the worst thing that happens to you is that you didn't get to go on a school trip, then you have been fortunate indeed!!

Haha. I could tell you some really terrible stories about things that have happened on school trips with unruly children. How about a learning-disabled girl about this age who was raped by two older men? They started talking to her and she just went off with them.... They were never prosecuted, because they were never identified.

I'll never forget how upset my mother was over that one. It wasn't her student, and she wasn't on the trip, but it did happen at her school.

Honestly, you shouldn't let an unruly child go on an overnight school trip. There's no way the supervision is good enough.

Some things just boggle the mind. I can only shake my head on this one.
Yet another reason why we homeschool our children....
I think I can top that regarding Canadian schools:

Woman gets in trouble with local Child Protective Services on word of psychic.
I'm trying to figure out how to escape Canada and move to some other country that still appreciates how hard won and precious freedom is. We sure don't seem to any longer.

You want horror stories? Go to www.ezralevant.com and start reading. I guarantee that it'll depress the hell out of you.
This comes down to the hubris of judges. The old maxim that the law does not deal with trifles is appropriate here.

It might be appropriate, when a judicial decision goes horribly wrong, for the judge to be forced to make a statement to be seen on the wwweb. The prospect of making such a statement might instill a little modesty, "a decent respect to the opinions of mankind."
NJCommuter - but who would judge the judge? Still, the publicity is probably good as a warning.

Sean - we are just a step behind you; every day the judges get wackier and the PC culture gets stronger. This may end in the streets.

The kicker on this one is that one of the things this girl got in trouble with her dad for was posting her pictures on the internet (second offense). Article.
Exactly the kid you don't want on a trip for several days, right? This kid is not obeying her parents, so she is not going to obey teachers either. Let's be realistic!!

So now the judge has broken the father's authority, and this girl will run wild. The father, who had custody, is not taking the child back because he says he has no control over her. Well, he doesn't.

Supposedly he is appealing the decision. Good for him, and I hope the judge in this case gets slapped down hard.

The comments on this article are interesting.
Just wait to see what happens when the oil price really hits the roof, which is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Obama is planning to sue OPEC. Now THAT's a good plan !
Mama, I hope the judge gets slapped down hard as well. This is ludicrous! I can't really blame the father right now for not having her back. The father is right, he does not have control over her. It is so sad because kids like that will have to hit bottom before they come to their senses.
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