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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Imagine That

Hamptons RE takes a dive. This is more trickle-UP economics.

Oil prices blew down on the US inventory report which showed 3 million barrels higher - now they are trying to fight back. But the jig is really up. Residual fuel oil stocks are up 4.8% from last year, and distillates are only down 0.1% over the year. Total stocks are down 15.1% over the year, but last year at this time crude stocks were substantially up. Gasoline stocks are 4.5% over last year's levels, but the real increase is all in blending components. Methinks the price of corn is going to go down.

The 192 day average 2008/2007 net imports ratio is -7.0%.


It was close,but jib-jab is funnier than the news about the Hamptons.
That was very funny. I love JibJab.
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