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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Political: Obamassiah Rides Again

I used to think people were being unfair when they used that term, but does this man really think he can rid the world of nukes?
Two goals of his administration would be to secure all loose nuclear material during his first term and to rid the world of nuclear weapons, Obama told an audience before a roundtable discussion at Purdue University.

Obama said adhering to nonproliferation treaties would put pressure on nations such as North Korea and Iran. North Korea has tested a nuclear weapon and Iran has an energy program the Bush administration warns could be a precursor to nuclear weapon development.

"As long as nuclear weapons exist, we'll retain a strong deterrent. But we will make the goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons a central element in our nuclear policy," Obama said.
I wish he would stop talking about foreign policy. He makes me nervous; any moment now I'm expecting him to run out toward Edgy Adji with a daisy in his hand, a spring in his step, and a hopeful smile on his face. Maybe he should call up Sarkozy and suggest that France lead the way? Or perhaps he'll focus on Israel? Yeah, that's the ticket.

The Anchoress has made a lot of sense to me this election cycle. Yes, Pelosi is incompetent, and the implication is that if a Democrat is to win the presidency, that Democrat needs to have a firm and well thought-out set of policies. .

Cracking up about a headline link on Dr. M's new blog regarding this article "
Neither Will There Be Any More War, Nor Tears OMG! Obama IS the Messiah!"

Osama Ben Chamberlin.

[laugh dammit]
We're not allowed to laugh at our s_n_t_r__l overlords, are we?

Heck. I hope his campaign doesn't turn out to be an exercise in sweet delusion. We DO need change, and that of course means we need a realistic discussion of policies.
Obama learned his politics in Illinois.I expect him to say whatever it takes,and cut any deal he must, to get elected.He is not stupid,if his followers want pink ponies,he will promise one in every pot.It is my hope that he is a throat slitting practical pol who actually cares about our country and constitution.Of course i did buy a lotto ticket when the pot hit $89 mill...
Anon - but the strategy of telling your supporters whatever they want may get you elected, but it won't bring change. That's the fundamental problem here.

If we want real change, we are going to have to form a political consensus to change, and that means the voters have to hear the agenda and basically accept. Congress doesn't like to go out on a limb.
Of course. The nuclear weapons he would focus on eliminating would be those belonging to Israel. Many relativists in the old media would support him in this, asking why it is reasonable for Israel to have nuclear weapons if Syria is not supposed to have them.
David - I'm pleased I'm not the only one who responded with such suspicion.

Israel never signed the treaty.
MoM,I do not believe that any kind of fundamental change is possible given our current political system.I truly believe that it will take a near complete collapse and a great deal of turmoil before a better political and societal structure replaces what we have now,which is a fascistic kleptocracy.I hope I am wrong,but my reading of history tells me that it takes a lot of pain...
"Anon - but the strategy of telling your supporters whatever they want may get you elected, but it won't bring change. That's the fundamental problem here."

What the hell does "change" have to do with it? Getting ELECTED is all that matters. That's politics.

Get used to it.
A commenter at Chicago Boyz suggested that Obama would aim for a bargain in which Israel would be required to give up its nuclear weapons in exchage for Iran "agreeing" not to develop same. This sounds pretty likely to me.
Anon - the job of American president for the next four years seems to me likely to be close to pure hell, so if I were in Obama's position, I'd want to have some ammo in my pocket in dealing with Congress.
David - very possible. But how a denuked Israel would even be remotely in US interests is beyond me. Right now Israel is a country that is wildly unlikely to use nukes, but it does put a lid on the potential activities of less sane countries in the region.

If Israel were to be denuked, the other countries in the region would have to try to acquire them. I cannot see how that would be in ANYONE'S interest.

Nor would Israel ever give up its nukes, so if this interpretation is correct, then the anti-proliferation campaign would be an excuse to isolate Israel in an attempt to curry favor with interests in the region. Which brings us back to Rob Dawg.

My suffering over the vote for McCain is real, but on the other hand every day the alternative looks less possible.

Iran seems to be trying to put some internal breaks on Edgy Adji's ambitions, but it still seems far too much like Mussolini's Italy for me to feel that the problem can be solved. It's a historical fact that countries without a broad-based political structure do insane things.
"But how a denuked Israel would even be remotely in US interests is beyond me"...it wouldn't be, of course...but the Democratic view of "US interests" is a very strange one.
I wouldn't want Israel to be denuked. It is always a problem. The way i look at it is, we should stop supporting Israel financially but support them morally. I think they get too much money for nothing. Israel needs US more than US needs Israel. Right after WWII, they definitely needed US support badly, otherwise they wouldn't have survived. Right now they behave like a spoiled brat of US.
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