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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well, THAT Drought Is Over

Sorry I've been absent. The modem's been unplugged and I have been working on the computer, when I've been able to work at all, using the battery. I don't ever remember such an onslaught of thunderstorms continuing for so long, but truthfully, we needed it. Everything was brown and the trees were wilting and shedding leaves. That's the bright side. The bad side is that the river is awfully high....

I hope I am not daring fate by plugging everything back up. It was sort of sunny just a moment ago, but now it's dark again and I hear rumbling. I'll post this and then try another post getting back to the previous one.

Please send any extra rain my way,none in 5 months here in norcal.This is the most worrisome fire season of my nearly 55 years and it won't be over 'til october at the earliest.
We could use some here in Texas as well. It doesn't look like you got to post another thing.
Well, thankfully it's over for a bit.

Anon- if you get rain won't it cause landslides now? Maybe a gentle mist?
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