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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Clarion Call Of Alarm Is Sounded

What? What? What's the problem now? Arctic ice disappearing and we're all gonna die? Nah.

Hillary Clinton mounting a sub rosa campaign to steal the nomination after all? Nope. The Colbert Report is having too much fun with it. You can't be giggled or guffawed into the nomination.

Bigfoot WAS real, and some Georgia rednecks killed the only living specimen, thus causing a horrendous environmental loss to the whole world? Hardly. You can buy the costume yourself; never trust GA good ol' boys who are running Bigfoot tours as a business and just happen to coincidentally find a Bigfoot in their freezer, especially when the cost of beer and gas has gotten so high. Beer and gas are the two main fuels of the GA good ol' boy economy, and cost increases necessitate revenue enhancement. They got pretty far with it, though! Fox News. Smirk. This is most definitely going to spawn some more blonde jokes.

The seas are rising and we're all gonna drown? Nope, they've turned around and started to drop. (I was never sure why or how we were all going to drown anyway, because the previous trend was about 1.2 inches a decade, and even in my low energy periods I move quicker than that.)

So am I making up this "Clarion Call of Alarm" thingamabob? Nope. The International Air Transport Association is emitting it:
A clarion call of alarm was sounded yesterday as The International Air Transport Association (IATA) stated that global traffic data for June indicates a slowing of demand growth for air transport. Indeed, cargo contracted by 0.8 percent compared to June 2007. This is the first decline seen since May 2005 and follows several months of falling manufacturing sector confidence indicators.

The organization’s director general, Giovanni Bisignani, described the overall airline industry as being “in trouble” and stated that “losses this year could reach $6.1 billion, more than wiping out the $5.6 billion that airlines made in 2007.”

While there’s been a slight reduction in passenger traffic due to rising fuel costs, too, IATA noted that it is the freight sector that is the most concerning.
I found that phrasing so amusing that Logistics Management failed to exert its normal sedative effect on me. Maybe we're just a wee bit overanxious in general.

I have noticed that customers are beginning to say "second day air" rather than "next day air" if the parts order they're making is important rather than critical.
he he I am waiting for the day that my home on the side of Shades Mountain become beach front property. But it appears that they are melting and the seas will rise.

But hey that will solves Georgia water war with Alabama big time.
Vader - I think you will have to wait for a very long time. Pay great attention to proper nutrition, get plenty of sleep, and make sure to exercise regularly.

John - yes, that is pretty understandable, isn't it? That's why the "clarion call of alarm" struck me as a bit overblown. With costs escalating so much, people are going to cut back when they can.

I was wondering whether this would begin to undercut JIT. After all, the savings from cheaper freight can now outweigh the carrying costs of maintaining more stock on hand.
"Beer and gas are the two main fuels of the GA good ol' boy economy".

Hey, doesn't ammo figure into that economy SOMEhow?

If not, I guess I am less a natural fit to the good ol' boy world than I thought...
Well, you may not have made up the phrase, but you could make it a semi-regular feature on your blog.
Frank, good ol' boys can't do much with ammo without beer and gas, because without gas all that's left is target shooting in your back yard.
Frank, good ol' boys can't do much with ammo without beer and gas, because without gas all that's left is target shooting in your back yard.

"We're here on... somebody's property... and that's either a deer or a very small cow. I'm cranking the window down now..."
-- Jeff Foxworthy doing a GA Outdoor/Hunting show

-- end of the above segment
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