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Sunday, August 17, 2008

It Was A Working Weekend

Actually, I'm not done yet.

Interesting links. I was practically praying that Tanta would remark on this Bloomberg article entitled "
Wall Street's Jobless Try Cupcakes, Cheap Haircuts, Maybe Omaha":
Jessica Walter didn't go to Harvard University to study cupcakes, but they're what she does since losing her job as a vice president in credit strategy at Bear Stearns Cos.

``I want to teach kids to cook,'' said Walter, 27, who founded Cupcake Kids! in New York to provide birthday parties and cooking classes for children. ``The goal is to have this be my full-time job and make enough to live.''
Uh huh. Aside from the demand issue, just wait until she tries to get insurance on a business involved in teaching cooking to children. Good God, the liabilities, especially when one considers the number of children with parents who are lawyers in the vicinity of NYC. Tanta undoubtedly had much better taste and morals than to point out the obvious as it relates to a person who has fallen on bad times - this lack of recognition of risk and a somewhat pie-in-the-key optimism was a hallmark of Wall Street "credit strategy". So I have just earned myself another 10,000 years in purgatory. See you there. Apparently there'll be cupcakes, but I won't be baking 'em.

The RE sorrow has reached London. Bloomberg:
The average asking price for a home fell 4.8 percent from a year earlier to 229,816 pounds ($426,929), Britain's most-used property Web site said in a statement today. On the month, home values fell 2.3 percent, the most since December, led by London.

``The lack of mortgage finance is central to the problem,'' Miles Shipside, commercial director of Rightmove, said in the statement. ``London, in particular, appears to be having its own special summer sale, with over 21,000 pounds off in a month.''
For background music, this merits Sammy Davis "What goes up, must come down..."

Back to programming. When it's hot, it's hot.

Oh, and I found the link to that churchoid political thingie. I guess I'm going to read through it, but I really wish they'd stop with the religion stuff. It is true that religious people are operating from certain sets of axioms. On the other hand, it is also true that science is based on a few axioms, and so are most non-religious ethical systems. The broad mass of the population agrees on most of the ethical questions - what's at issue is how to get there! And that is an issue of strategy, possibilities, experience, and sometimes guesswork. I just don't like aiming these things at a national audience from a religious backdrop. I don't care if the candidates go to churches to campaign, but national events should be aimed at national audiences, not particular segments of the population.

For my birthday, the Chief got me Michael Burleigh's Sacred Causes. I haven't finished it, but I do think it is very interesting.

Happy Birthday to you, MOM! I hope you have a wonderful time. Let us know how you liked Sacred Causes once you have finished. Have a grand day!!!:-)
Thanks, Viola
One of the things that keep cropping up to eliminate unemployment is to provide luxury services. Back in '89, when Michigan was losing auto jobs, the thing to do was to create a tourist industry in Flint Michigan. Here in Birmingham we have had several theme parks planned and abandoned and one go BK (Visionland) all to replace factory jobs.

No one seems to think of the fact that touristy jobs don't pay very well.

The only question I have is will the financial meltdown be completed before the polar ice meltdown.

Will we be crushed under a wave of worthless paper or a more liquid tidal wave.
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