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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Barracuda Chomp

Whoa, Nellie. She enjoyed that.

I half expected to see her end the speech clogging to White Trash Wedding and doing an encore by singing "I can shoot down the donkey, carve it up for some stew, and never, never let you vote for that sissy man ...."

"The American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal self-discovery." I'm sure Biden is just really, really looking forward to the VP debate. I hope he doesn't have a stroke. She's smart enough to study his weaknesses and exploit them, and Biden has acutely weak areas of his psyche. We'll find out how much of a gentlewoman she can be that day.

This was more like gutting the donkey in a thoughtful manner in an exceedingly ungentle way.

The, ah, chattering class that thought she could be forced out are not very bright, are they? I bet they hate her twice as much after as they did before. She openly dissed them with the bit about not coming to Washington to mingle wth the right people, etc. She's turning their reaction into an ASSET - directly appealing to flyover country, of which there is an awful lot.

For substance and a lot of detail, see The Anchoress. More at Dr. M's. She just kept writing and writing through the whole evening like the Energizer Chiropracter. Althouse with more money quotes

She ALMOST made me enthusiastic about voting for McCain, which was pretty good considering how I feel about the whole election. Mind you, I still think it's a desperate choice but just better than the other desperate choice.

A DU thread shows the pain:

After every snide putdown, she would smile with supremely smug self-satisfaction, pursing those plastic lips together. Canned lines for plastic people.

What a lying sack of festering diarrheal elephant shit. Nazi fucking shitstain.

Fuck her, fuck her provincial ignorance, fuck her gargantuan mountain of lies and hateful sarcasm. Fuck her condescending high school class president smarm and snottiness.

I wish nothing but pain and suffering for her and her inbred shithole family.
11. LOL

I don't think she breeds so much as spores come up from the tundra.
A more substantive DU thread. In this thread, the main topic is how to get out of the country, which makes me suspect they found the speech effective.

PS: By far and away the funniest bit was when she made the rather tired joke about the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls, and then launched into the Crash-Biff-Bang comic book part of the speech. She enjoyed it, I'm telling you.

They really are "tougher in Alaska."
I'll say. On one of the DU threads there was a dazed comment "Who is this woman? Where did she come from?"
Jonah Goldberg's comment over at National Review: "She was put on this earth to do two things: kill caribou and kick butt. She's all out of caribou."
While the prospect of a McCain/Palin administration isn't what I'd call the finest imaginable prospect, I've been stunned at the rudeness of comments about Gov. Palin. I suppose her detractors anticipated some kind of rube.

Well, the shoe's on the other foot all right.

Last time I heard this kind of mindless commentary, it was Nancy Moore Thurmond in the crosshairs. All the naffs could see was 'former Miss South Carolina.' Blind to the Duke sheepskin - summa cum laude at that.

This country doesn't improve every day.
She put a shot into Obama's five-hole last night.
I am stunned at the nastiness and hatefulness of some people. The language in this comment you posted here only reveals just how much anger is stirred up. I find this very disturbing.

MOM, what did you think of Palin's speech yesterday?
Viola, I thought she gutted the donkey in a deliberate, thoughtful way (to show she really meant it), but in a very ungentle manner. From what I read this morning, the "pit bull with lipstick" thing was an ad-lib on her part. I have no doubt she inserted it to point up that she was now going to attack.

She is God's gift to McCain, and she did not fail to pick up Obama's "bitter" comment, which I knew was a near-fatal mistake the moment I read about it.

The message the McCain campaign will be riding on is that government is about you, the the voters of America, and not about us, the self-appointed doers and movers. The theme of "service" will come up again and again.

Of course, that was also what Obama was aiming for, so the campaign will resolve to "Who do you think means it and can get it done?" This is where the truth hurts so much. Obama's legislative record in Illinois and the Senate is so very light that Palin's reformist credentials do appear more meaningful, and the fact that McCain picked her is the flag emblazoned with the motto "I really mean it", which flag he will wave with consistency through the rest of the campaign.

The GOP base will turn out. That's probably enough to give McCain the election. It probably wouldn't be if the Dems had picked a more qualified candidate (some one with a governorship under his or her belt), but they didn't.
Thanks for your input this morning on this. My husband is not sold on Palin yet and part of her speech yesterday revealed why. Over all, I thought she did well. She stated her credentials clearly and her reformist, get it done, attitude has proven to her benefit in the past. I agree with you that she is a gift to McCain and he will certainly make the very most of it. I have to be honest though, I am a bit afraid for her and her family. She is playing in a whole different league now and after hearing her yesterday, I think the attacks will be even greater now.

Thanks again for your thoughtful input.

Wishing you well!
Viola - what are your husband's concerns? You married the man; you must take him seriously.
After nearly 20 years with him, I certainly do take him seriously and always ask for his opinion and input on matters.

He, like all of us, has concerns with both parties. He does feel more comfortable with the McCain/Palin party for many reasons. Obama scares us both. The main reason he is not completely sold on Palin is because of her level of experience, especially foreign affairs. He knows though, that Obama has even less experience.

Keep in mind though, that he is getting his information as all of us are, via radio talks shows, tv, blogs, etc. He said to me that this is such a larger field that she is playing in now and therefore has reservations if she is really tough enough and polished enough for the job. I am inclined to think she is. Only time will tell.
Palin carries the ticket. I'm inclined to vote for Sarah despite her choice for the lesser half of the ticket.

MoM, note; she didn't gut the donkey, she field dressed her intended prey after a clean and humane kill.

Personally I hope to see the day when qualifications for President are changed to include having completed an elected term as executive.
Rob - very funny.

Viola - none of the four have all the experience that I'd like them to have, but the irony is that Palin has better credentials than at least two.

The above link is why she is a good choice for McCain. Check it out. All of the states where McCain and Obama still have a chance of winning (i.e. not either firmly in the democratic side or the republican) are shown in the map on the top of this page. Note where they are and consider the electorate of those states. Palin will really be much more appealing to the normal folks in those states as opposed to Obama/Biden.

\Given that the states in play are what the candidates are fighting over and not the chattering classes on either coast, her speech last night was superb. It appeals to those voters from those states.
Anon - dead on. There was an immediate swing in the toss-ups with Palin, nearly tying McCain and Obama before the speech. It's really that simple.
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