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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fortis Bailout In Progress

So tonight I can get some sleep.

Eventually we will all get used to the secondary explosions as banks crash, but for now it is still an unpleasant novelty, and the gentle splat sound of a soft landing on government $$ is the most welcome sound in the world.

There's really good coverage at Calculated Risk.

How can you link to Calculated Risk?

CR is intelligent, he's moderate, he's -- dare I say -- liberal.

How can a nutty World Net Daily Rush and Fox and Jesus nut-case link to CR?

It just doesn't compute.
Obama slightly widens lead after debate, poll finds


"Obama was seen as more "presidential" by 46% of the debate watchers, compared with 33% for McCain. The difference is even more pronounced among debate watchers who were not firmly committed to a candidate: 44% said they believed Obama looked more presidential, whereas 16% gave McCain the advantage."


I'll bet Sarah Palin will fix this on Thursday.
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