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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike News

The Woodlands area (where both Viola and Dr. M twitter are and rode out the storm successfully) sustained about the worst power transmission damage aside from Galveston. The affected area is northeast of Houston. The northwest seems to be doing about the best.

It sounds like transmission towers are down, and it could be weeks around some of the Woodlands area. The company there is Entergy. Try this Chron blog for updates. So don't get upset if you lose contact with people. Remember, both land lines and cell service is spotty at best.

If you have family or friends in the Galveston area, don't panic. These rumors are so far unconfirmed and it is certain that there were an awful lot of survivors in the area. There are supposed to be crews out there working the Galveston area looking for survivors to bring them to shelter, but it may of course be hard to contact anyone in the area. The Red Cross "Safe and Well" list may be useful.

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