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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Update

Dr M. got out. They are now going to Florida to stay for a time. The Woodlands area is going to be without power for weeks. No news from Viola; they made it through the main storm okay. I hope they are leaving the area for a week or two as well. She's got two kids. Rightwingsparkle's doing okay without power but a generator.

It's difficult to get too excited about the financial meltdown in the face of real disaster. There were casualties along the coastal areas and the house to house rescue operation there moved into full swing yesterday. They are evacuating people from all the coastal regions. If you haven't been able to find someone, try the Safe and Well Red Cross site.

The extent of the damage from Ike is major, and the number of people affected is very large because of the high population density of the worst hit areas. Please consider making a donation to the charity of your choice. I know times are tight, but that's when these charities truly need the help. Salvation Army needs money donations. I have found that they are very good. The food banks in Texas are pretty much exhausted what with refugee draws, so if you are local in TX and can donate food, now would be a good time.

Hi MoM, we just received power at 3:00am this morning. My husband was getting ready to go to Dallas to buy a generator, window unit, etc...when the power came back on.

We received no damage to our home. Our fence is gone and that was the worst of it for us. Many, however, were not so fortunate. One neighbor had 4 trees go into their house. Another lost a boat and two vehicles. Another lady was sleeping with her daughter in the front room when a tree fell straight through the roof. They were not injured. Lots and lots of trees down all over and many of them landed on houses.

People are helping each other out. The spirits are high since many realize it could have been so much worse. Even those who have lost so much, are so thankful they did not lose their life or the lives of their loved ones.

Thank you MoM, for your prayers and your thoughts!!!
Viola, thanks for checking in and letting me know that life is getting better. As long as you can stay clean it's one thing.

These are the times when "neighbors" really mean something!
Well, we were so happy to have power, which we had from about 3:00am to 9:30am. We have been without power ever since. They are saying that 80 percent of The Woodlands will be back up again. We are patiently waiting now.
back up again by Friday. Sorry, I am not used to typing on an iPod. :-)
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