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Saturday, September 13, 2008

MORE Blasts In India

I bet this won't get much US coverage, because of course the wall to wall coverage of poopyhead politics must continue, lest some irredentist peasant from the hinterlands try to ask one of our esteemed candidates a question about actual policy. That must be avoided at all costs, due to the fact that the peasantry might become upset when it is revealed that neither presidential candidate (or perhaps their advisors) can add.

The attacks in India are picking up. This round was in Delhi:
It has become nauseatingly familiar. Low-intensity bombs placed in crowded markets, killing and maiming children, their parents, unsuspecting shoppers, unmindful of their caste, creed or religion. Within a month and a half of Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad terror blasts, Delhi was mauled on Saturday leaving 30 innocents dead and 90 injured. ( Watch )

In all, five bombs went off in less than half an hour. Two of them in the heart of Delhi in Connaught Place, two at the upscale Greater Kailash M Block market in south Delhi, and one, the most damaging one, in the crowded Ghaffar Market in Karol Bagh. Three more bombs were defused, one of them at the popular Children's Park in India Gate, indicating the depraved mind of the terrorists.

The Indian Mujahideen, regarded by security agencies as a front of the Lashkar-Huji terror machine, has claimed responsibility for the blasts.
Unbelievable, but it keeps happening. What kind of sick mind puts bombs in a children's park? One was found in a waste container. The Religion of Peas kind of mind, I suppose.

Muslims - most Muslims - aren't like this, but the ones who are like this are getting more and more like this. I have been following the stories of the escalating bombings and attacks in India for well over a year and a half. There have been Hindu riots and so forth, but only the Islamic groups seem to be going this far.
This group had sent emails before the UP court blasts, the Jaipur and Ahmedabad blasts. This time, too, it sent an email to media groups, however, 10 minutes after the first blast. And for the third time, it specifically threatened The Times of India for attacking terror.
Ah, the next wave - attack the journalists. Don't think they won't try to follow through, either. All over the ME journalists have been attacked, often fatally. The marker of the Religion of Peas is an aggressive attack on public dissent and criticism.

This is one reason why I get a little jaundiced when I read stuff about outreach to Muslims, and diplomacy, such as not calliing Islamic terrorists terrorists. By the time you are targeting children specifically, how else can one describe the perps? Nor is the claim that Israel is the source of all Muslim grudges in the world even remotely correct.

I do feel great sympathy for the large populations of Muslims who do not share in this Islamo-fascist doctrine; however, when the Organization of Islamic Conference (57 states, permanent delegation to the UN) keeps pressing the western countries (especially through the UN) to outlaw speech critical of Islam, I cannot feel secure on this issue. There is a basic conflict in worldview between open societies and the "official" Islamic viewpoint at this time, and a quiet but very active struggle between the two.

The Saudis started the OIC, and oil money is used to encourage right-thinking in member states. I do believe that the phrase Islamo-fascism is the most operative description of their brand of Islam. It's very, very totalitarian.

They are correct. This is morally OK for muslims. Unless you want to argue that the paedophile prophet was an immoral monster - which he was.

Google "asma bint marwan". The paedophile prophet is, other than rapist and thief, also a journalist-killer, slaver and genocidal maniak.

You are obviously correct that "most muslims" aren't like this. They're good people, despite the example they follow (almost exactly like the new testament says).

The problem is that they are teaching themselves and their young children to follow the paedophile prophet's example. Child-raping jew-hating genocidal thievery and all. So while you're right "not every muslim is a problem". Certainly correct. However anyone of them could turn half as ugly as their paedophile islam at a moment's notice and 100 people are dead.

We can choose, either a police state, obviously necessary in case any one of these children actually looks into just how their paedophile prophet lives and does what children do : imitate their idol. Or we can eradicate islam and expose the filth that it is.
sheesh MOMA now you gave away another 'secret'... now everybody else will know what 57 states 'the chosen one' was really referring too when he made that gaffe...lol
Aw, come on, Anon. Obama is not a Muslim. Yes, it was a funny error, but it was just an error.

Tom - I've maintained this before and I'll maintain it again. It is not fair to say that Muslims who don't support this type of thing are not "genuine" Muslims. Most Muslims aren't child-rapists either. It is simply not true that any Muslim could suddenly turn violent, any more it is true that every Catholic priest is a child-molester, or that every Baptist is a Phelps-in-waiting, or that every Episcopalian is a secret Druid/Wiccan. What people believe determines what they do.

The Saudi-funded madrassas have spread teaching of a very violent sort of sub-sect of Islam across continents, and they are a problem. But even the Saudis now seem somewhat appalled at what they have unleashed, especially since some teaching of that variant concentrated on declaring Muslims who don't agree with you apostates and traitors who deserve death. The fury they have unleashed is now threatening their own societies. Doctrines as extreme as that have limited life-spans.
"It is not fair to say that Muslims who don't support this type of thing are not "genuine" Muslims."

Well, but... The Quran is supposed to be the eternal-perfect-literal Word of God. To the extent that some Muslims do not "kill the infidel wherever you may find him", and to the extent that other Muslims do not emulate Mohammed "the perfect man" who married 6-year old Aisha (mercifully delaying the consummation of that marriage until she was 9)-- to that extent, those particular Muslims are NOT following the path that Allah has laid out for them, and they may indeed be judged "insufficient Muslims" by their rabid fellows and be targeted for their tepid belief. Really. No joke.

It's hard to stand up and be counted as a moderate if you or your family may be targeted by true-believers eager to butcher you for such a stand....

As for the Saudis, it's my understanding the House of Saud knew what kind of devil they were bargaining with when they agreed to pay lip service to the Wahhabi sect within the kingdom (and fund their madrassas worldwide); in exchange the Wahhabis would not agitate for revolution or accuse the royals of being "too secular" to be legitimate "protectors of the holy city" of Mecca.
muslims are the new century nazis

sieg heil allah
The Saudis started the OIC, and oil money is used to encourage right-thinking in member states.

Say what? The Saudis are the very fount of worldwide teaching of fanatics willing to die to kill infidels.

Not to worry, though: Bush is on the job.
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