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Monday, September 01, 2008

Plaquemines Evacuation Attempt

There's a problem with the levee, and they are trying to get people out because they fear it will go:
Plaquemines Parish workers have been furiously working on the levee along the Clearwater Canal since mid-afternoon. Floodwaters spilling over the top of the levee threaten the Braithwaite Park subdivision.

The levee has not breached, but authorities are not hopeful.

"We don't think our efforts are going to be successful so we need to get everyone out now,'' Parish President Billy Nungesser said.
Scarsdale is being flooded also. This is the big story of the day, because people's lives are in real danger. The waters will still be rising for at least another day.

More about the outrageous attacks on Palin's family later, but for now I wished to link to Dr. Sanity, who is both courageous and wise, and The Anchoress again with a different post, and Dr. M. Also, Assistant Village Idiot had this pegged days ago:
The Arts & Humanities Tribe is unhappy with the Sarah Palin nomination.
What amuses me are the criticisms which clearly come straight from the A&H belly. You can feel them tremble with rage when they point out that she was a beauty queen - our girls don't do that! Those are well, Southern, a little bit low-rent. I mean, I'm sure that there are some very nice girls there, but...; she and her family drive snow machines, and other motorized recreational equipment - those jet skis are so noisy up at the lake, and all those snowmobiles are too, and they put out smoke - I just don't understand what people see in them. Yes, dear, I know the Sartorelli's have them, but he made his money as a plumbing contractor in Framingham - they're wonderful salt-of-the-earth people and Theresa is one of my dearest friends up at the camp, but...; Sarah Palin fishes, and hunts - our sort of people don't do that. That's for rural people, unsophisticated sorts who like to bang away at defenseless animals, euhh....

I know my people. Abortion is their big issue because you know, a woman's career... and anyone can have a baby and be a hausfrau, but... These are cultural markers, and their real measuring sticks. It is not enough to be a successful woman; one has to be successful in the right way.
Dead on. The press is launching into a completely sexist onslaught because they see Sarah Palin as white trash. In a later post, Assistant Village Idiot nails it again:
Because the Democrats, and to a lesser extent the traditional media, don't believe that any of the Republicans were actually qualified, they see every possible VP nomination as cynical. It tells you a lot about them, actually. They think having been in Washington doing nothing, and then going out on the campaign trail where they can ask him questions is an actual set of qualifications for Obama. In their incredible blindness, they believe answering questions for the media is most of what a president does. People who actually do something, away from their cameras, puzzle them.
Well, not quite - they aren't puzzled. They just don't like those riff-raff who keep the country running, fight the wars, etc. God forbid a plumber should land in Washington, much less a fisherwoman. The press and the liberal elite are deeply insecure people who measure their self-worth by their group identities and attain membership in that group with credentials. People who haven't done it this way but have a accomplished a great deal in their lives are puzzling oddities, if men, and horrendous threats to their self-esteem, if women.

This country was actually a lot more egalitarian after WWII than it is now. The "tribe" really believes that they are the ones who are trained to run the country, and those losers in state schools should politely line up and ask for favors from the tribe, which they may graciously grant or not according to the readings of the last entrails spilled at the last Columbia School of Journalism press release. Of course the great mass of people who go to Ivy League schools don't really achieve that much, and the insecurity grows with the years. So they like to believe that they have chosen other paths of enlightenment, mainly, helping the great unwashed through one avenue or another. To have a obvious member of the great unwashed (beauty queen, state university graduate, teen mother who worked at manual labor) show up in the avenues of powe is hell on the ego. As the sneers over Palin faded from their faces, the attacks began.

No man running for Veep or President has ever been put through this. Would anyone sit down and publicly count the months of marriage before birth of a man's first child? Not hardly. Would "trained journalists" claim that men should stay out of politics until their children are grown? Absolutely not. Yes, this is fulminating sexism.

I began with Plaquemines, and I'll end with it. The mayor and local authorities there will do their best to save their people, and in doing so, they WILL qualify themselves more for exercising civil authority in government than any member of the chattering class.

It will be a long night in the mud. Please, pray for everyone. This is a very big storm, and the situation is quite traumatic for many of these people even if they are safe because of Katrina memories.

You know MOM, I am really concerned about the rioting that has already started at the Republican Convention. We just read this evening that black masked masses are smashing in windows in shops and buildings. What is going on? Are these people really that angry? I am left speechless at the ugliness and the hate that has surfaced so clearly now. This is truly two storms that we are dealing with here and both need our prayers and support.

Thanks for this post!
I trust you are well! :-)
Re Viola's point...

In 2002, a Jewish leader at San Francisco State University, Laurie Zoloth responded to an incident of "progressive" violence and intimidation on campus with these word: "This is the Weimar republic with Brownshirts it cannot control."

As I wrote at the time:

"Most Americans think of Naziism in its final state, in control of the machinery of the German government along with its police and military forces. But Naziism did not start this way. It started as a group of street rowdies, committing illegal violence to intimidate political opponents. Without such intimidation, it is unlikely that the Nazis would ever have been able to obtain control of the German government.

The rise of political violence is a serious threat to American democracy. Although not limited to the college campuses, the current wave of violence and intimidation has largely originated there."

Originated there, but...as was totally predictable...moved out into the broader society.
Its amazing how elements of the left are quick to start fights. Who do they think owns all the guns in this country? Just think if right wingers and conservatives had a contingent with twice as much self control as these people. Lefties would be getting body pierced with lead daily
David, I just went over to read your piece. It was very good. I grew up in Germany and I know its history well. You are so right, the Nazi's could have never gained, I don't believe, the kind of power it did had it not been for the successful intimidations by street thugs and street rowdies. Politics is the mask that some people use to live out their own vile, lower nature for the cause of what they justify to themselves as a "greater and better cause." It is disturbing.
Viola and David - and not just Germany. The same type of action preceded Mussolini's takeover in Italy earlier. Yes, this sort of thuggery is the prerequisite for a breakdown of normal government.
This country had the Know Nothings in the nineteenth century. While there has been local and even regional thuggery since then I think this is the first re run of national thuggery.

On the bright side, without media collusion to inflate ther presence, they would be little more than a travelling circus. A few key arrests and prosecutions are needed.
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