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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On The Comments And Other Matters

Evening Update: Today our little munchkin, henceforth known as Toddler, was finally cruelly driven to use a redirect with a German address. No doubt our Toddler is huddling in his playhouse mourning censorship and the conspiracy against him a la Casey Serin. Toddler posted under the following screen names (I may have missed a few):
Who Struck John
Lipstick On A Pig
Michael Adams
Fake Jimmy J
Toddler seems to have realized that people can pretty easily tell the fake comments apart from the real, so is now posting a pastiche of stuff copied from long ago comments by normal humans on different posts. I am sure Toddler considers this a brilliant strategy, but then, some people don't understand the difference between a strategy and a tactic. I found today less entertaining than the previous day, so I am deepsixing most of these comments. End Evening Update.

The spectacle grows funnier and funnier. I have banned several IPs producing all these duplicated comments (see the end of this post for an explanation), but of course the towering populous forces of Obama (an army of ONE) come back under another IP.

I would strongly recommend to everyone that you sit back and enjoy the hilarity of this. I particularly like the part when one person fakes comment fights. I will post an update of the duped names by IP tonight.

What kind of a mind wastes this kind of time? Clearly not a gainfully employed one and not living in the land of what I would call sane. The effective IQ is extremely low, so this should give the rest of us a chance to study an early hominid in action. Maybe we could make it into a TV series?

I am extremely busy this week and will attend to matters as I can, but I won't neglect the real commenters. I can tell who the real commenters are and who the Obama ARMY of ONE commenters are by IPs. I will pull out some of the real comments and questions to comment on in a post later.

On the debate, the best summary I read was Betsy Newmark's:
I'm with Alex Castellanos on CNN who said that we just learned that McCain wants to buy everyone a house and Obama wants to provide everyone health care. And we're a country that's broke.

We're in deep trouble.
Yes, well, the economic beatings will continue until the American population beats some sense into Congress. The president has little to do with it; Congress is the key. Congress doesn't want to deal with the real problems, so should we really be surprised that two senators are BSing us?

In the meantime, a growing number of state governments want the federal government to step in and bail THEM out. CA has already contacted the feds, and Massachusetts had to withdraw another bond offering and is next in line. New Hampshire's got a problem.... Wait until NJ encounters what is left of its tax base.

My hunch is that this is the end of big-spending state governments too, and the next step up the ladder of destruction of big-spending governments (conservative and liberal). If they have to turn to banks for loans, the effective subsidy offered via tax exemptions is gone and borrowing will be much more costly.

Think about this - with the ability of state governments to borrow impaired, and the ability of local governments to borrow impaired, what ability does Congress have to pass all these federal initiatives that require local matching efforts?

See, this is what our teeny-bopper ARMY of ONE, most the press, and our presidential candidates don't grasp - the game-changer is here, the game-changer is reality, and it doesn't matter who you elect - abruptly financial gravity has returned and will constrain all players. The rhetoric no longer matters.

It is for this reason that I think this recession will be worse than CR thinks it will be. I agree with him on a lot, but normally government spending (especially state and local) grows significantly as a proportion of GDP during downturns. This time the downturn coincides with the demographic draw-down of state resources (pensions and retiree medical benefits) and a credit crunch resulting from a bubble.

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