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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Lunchtime Diversion

There was a game called "Logical" for the Amiga, and an aficionado of the game has created a modern version, which you can find here.

A short description: Balls of different colors will roll across the top. They will fall into the first empty slot they find. You can click on the center of the round plates to rotate them to present an open slot. To explode a plate, fill it with balls of the same color. To win the level, explode all the plates.

You can also shunt balls down the rails to another plate by aligning the ball and clicking on it. There is a time limit. A surprisingly challenging game which reminds me very much of the election rhetoric - but in this case the rules of the game are obvious. If you can win all the levels you are probably disgusted by our current politics!

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