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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Am Aunting

Big time. I'll be gone for a bit. Nergles my Niece of Reknown condescends to accept my attention in lieu of her mother's for intervals, and her mother needs sleep.

I did an interview which is probably incoherent last week for Brass Balls Radio with the gracious Girl On The Right.

Interestingly, Shrinkwrapped and Dr. M both wrote posts touching on complexity yesterday. Dr. M:
Part of the problem with this issue is that it’s not simple in the same way that stem cell research isn’t simple. Complex theories don’t make for simple policy solutions. That doesn’t mean the Left has a complex solution. They have simple logos and simple solutions: “Hurting the environment is bad” is simple.
Those who have only the most minimal understanding of science, how scientific data is evaluated, and how scientific facts are arrived at include the vast bulk of MSM reporters, often including the science reporters, and our learned legislators, who know how to be elected and disperse the public's money but share a level of (mis)understanding of science that can only horrify those who have a modicum of scientific knowledge.

What is crucial to understand about science is that the scientific method is poorly designed to elucidate complexity.
No kidding. A recent quote of the day at Chicago Boyz:
Yet in the world as it really is, events are unforeseen and trends materialize overnight. Where we live, unpredictability reigns. The last thing we should do if we want to know what the future will look like is extrapolate.
So much of human history really turns on human hubris.

The west is entangled in complexity, and when you are entangled in complexity fighting with systems you don't understand, ADOPT THE MEDICAL MODEL of not killing the patient! Support vital organs and systems, nudge things in the right direction, but don't try to hit home runs or be revolutionary. Human beings who are amazingly sick with complex syndromes sometimes get astonishing benefits following this approach.

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