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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Laughing: Could There Be A Connection?

Almost half of college-aged adults had a psychiatric disorder over a one-year span, based on research criteria that ranged from bipolar disease to substance abuse including smoking. Few sought treatment, the study found.
The mental health of young adults, who often don't know to reach out for help, is a growing concern, said Mark Olfson, the study's author and a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University in New York.
Since when have teenagers NOT been crazy? Isn't that sort of the problem with adolescence? And is smoking really a mental disorder? And if smoking is a mental disorder, does that mean we have a deranged President Elect who should seek treatment?

I found myself feeling great skepticism as I read this article!

Nonetheless, the other side of the issue might be best explored by this DU thread discussing Chambliss' win in the GA runoff, in which we get to see the gentle, tolerant, consensus-building skills of liberals at work:
3. Thank Caribou Barbie and the rest of the Right Wing Nut Jobs

Those cretins who sleep with their sisters
That's why Palin was successful in driving up turn out for Chambliss. The familial incest and the accent - it draws us to her. Just think - without the efforts of Daily Kos and DU, GA would not ever have known about the incest!
9. Georgia can now rightly consider itself the scum sewer of the nation.

Fuck off to any piece of shit who would vote for this rat bastard.
A winning 2010 Democratic campaign slogan, to be sure.
this does not surprise me

Ole self serving Palin motivated the troops. They ultimately voted against there own best interests as usual.
Yeah, but we knuckle-dragging products of twenty generations of incest know the difference between a possessive pronoun and an adverb, which apparently this person posting as "Third Doctor" doesn't. A state with as many gun owners as GA is not too happy at the idea that THEIR guns may be taken away by a House Democratic majority, a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and the most anti-gun president we may ever have had. It depends a lot on how you define "best interests". If you lived next door to a seven foot alligator, your definition of "best interests" might have something to do with weaponry as well. Not to mention the rattlesnakes, wild hogs, coyotes, sheriffs and politicians. Critters abound.
27. Not a big Martin fan, but Chambliss is such a weasel

Really wanted Chambliss to lose. And what is with the AP article saying it dashed our hopes of ending Repuke filibusters? Maybe some, but I think there will be quite a few cases where the Repukes won't get the 60 votes needed.
Yeah, yea, Chambliss is a weasel, but even an Alabama rattlesnake who swore to vote against gun control and for cheap gas could have won this race.

A wee bit of problem with the reading comprehension, methinks. This must be one of my cousins who has gone over to the dark side. Probably the one who is an alcoholic, got shot by the cops and spent five years in the pen. I guess that would keep him out of touch for long enough that he might be unable to figure out that it's the Democrats who have the majority and would need the 60 votes to end the Rethug filibuster.
35. They allow Rethugs to steal elections...

... like this one, that's what.

When are we finally going to take charge and end the Rethug election shenanigans?
Another person unable to comprehend a decisive Democratic victory in 2008.

Obama would be extremely wise to let gun control alone and veto any proposed gas tax. 2010 will be here before he knows it, and it is likely to be a very rough time for the average American consumer. No need to irk anyone unnecessarily.

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