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Saturday, December 27, 2008

On The Lighter Side

A true advance in energy conservation, brought to you by the IPCC:

Hat tip: comments at Anthony Watts'.

I scanned this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon in from Watson's collection Homocidal Psycho Jungle Cat. The copyright is 1994, but it is all too appropriate at this time. Click for a larger image.

Personally, I think we should all include this image in emails to Congress regarding the Big 3 bailout. Bill Watson - a prophet.

Buy all the Calvin & Hobbes books. It's, it's, it's the way to create 2 million green jobs!!!

I haven't been paying any attention to the Caroline Kennedy bit, because I'm not from New York. Still, several parts of this interview made me twitch. Transcript. No one's going to call her a bimbo, but if she and Palin were running in a bimbo competition, I know who would win the bimbo title at my house:
Caroline Kennedy: People really do ask me anywhere I go are asking me if I’m going to run for office one day so but all of a sudden maybe that day is now because I think it’s a crisis we are facing and I think I have brought a lot to the efforts to the schools and I’ve think I’ve my spent my life as a mother, (working for the New York City public schools) writing books on the constitution, writing books about courage, trying to get people involved in service and in their communities and maybe I should do the same thing. While I was thinking about it in my own head, and in my heart, talking to my children and my husband, ya know people started coming up to me and saying ‘Why don’t you be senator you’d be great’, ‘Go for it’, ‘We’re rooting for you’.. on the subway this morning people were coming up to me, somebody dropped off two hundred signs three weeks ago at my husbands office before I even thought this was real. …I know I really need to be able to put that kind of enthusiasm and energy and opportunity to work for the people of New York. I would love to do that because this is my home
Dominic Carter: Caroline when we talk to New Yorkers many of them have a lot of good things to say about you. Some of the criticism we’ve heard, and you heard over the past couple of days, some people may have a sense of feeling that there’s a sense of entitlement as it relates to you possibly going to the senate. How do you respond to that criticism?

Caroline Kennedy: It’s not a way I’ve ever lived my life I know people have a lot opinions about our family, good opinions, bad opinions, in our family, my family. I can tell you in our family in particular there is a sense we have to work twice as hard - people have this perception - and we are fortunate but I think it’s a question what you do with that opportunity.
But maybe she is the best pick - who knows, maybe the others are all corrupt. I kind of laughed when she mentioned the federal stimulus and making sure that NY gets its share. She's dismayed by her own voting record.

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