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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Short Bits

Uh, Christmas cookies. Just finished baking the last of 'em. The bright side of all the Christimas baking is that you lose weight, because you never want to see food again. Ever.

Anyway, before I get to WaPo lunacy, here's a few short bits (so I have time to pack the Christmas boxes!).

Here's a new game - check out the backgrounds of Obama's picks. So far, I only found one who's a socialist. Carol Browner is on the "Committee for A Sustainable World Society" of Socialist International.

So far, the most interesting is Genachowski.

Blair Levin, Sonal Shah, and Julius Genachowski are on the Techology, Innovation and Governmental Reform committee. Genachowski caught my eye because he's had major involvement in fluffy, trendy business. He was part of the group that formed SF bank New Resources. New Resources Bank, judging by this news, is discovering a few harsh facts of life about now. Genachowski was a honcho at IAC, which was one of those wheeling-and-dealing new e-commerce firms. Then he started Rock Creek Ventures, which is a money slurping & burping thingamabob. Genachowski may have been a law school buddy of Obama's. Earlier Genachowski was at FCC, which is one link to Blair Levin. It's all kinda like six degrees of Obama kinship. I looked up Sonal Shah too; she's cycled through the big mob at Goldman Sachs, from there going to Google. It's all very hopey-changey; this looks like the good ideas crew.

I do hope that if official administration positions continue, Genachowski will stop active involvement in the slurping and burping business, because that is very much like writing the vanity book that only lobbyists buy (although they do buy thousands of copies at one time, which cuts down sharply on marketing costs). He's probably quite honest, but believe me people are going to be participating in the slurping and burping bit for less than purely market-oriented reasons. Something about the Peer Network, ya know?

Banking is an interesting thing. It makes you entirely cynical, for the best of reasons. You see where the money goes and how it flows.

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