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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Day Or Two

I'm still futzing with the dog. Saturday I took him back to the vet because he couldn't eat and they said he was in diabetic shock and needed to go to another facility to be hospitalized over the weekend. Said he needed catheter, tube feeding and IV insulin and sugar. I didn't think he would survive that, and the prospect of a dead dog and a huge bill was not inviting, so I am doing it at home. But it requires testing every hour for a while after he eats so I can calibrate the insulin as he comes out of shock and his system starts working again.

It will be another day or so before regular blogging resumes. The dog is doing well and running up and down hills again even though the vet told me Friday that his hind legs wouldn't recover for weeks. When I took him home on Friday he was jack-rabbiting. The dog has developed a marked fondness for the insulin shots. He is still puzzling over the blood sugar monitor, even though he has figured out it has something to do with the shots. So if he's feeling off he flops over and offers up a leg stoically. If he's feeling okay he snorts at me and won't let me have the leg.

I, on the other hand, am feeling my age.

Man oh man, I am sure going to tighten up on my eating habits. This is nothing I ever want to have to deal with, and Type II runs in the family. This is a rotten disease which would have particularly foul interactions with the disease I already have, and Type II is preventable.

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