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Sunday, February 01, 2009

GA Voter Law Upheld

US appeals court follows the Supreme Court's Indiana decision. Article:
The NAACP said that between 289,000 and 505,000 voters lacked a driver's license and argued it was "implausible" that all of them would have another form of approved ID.

But the panel of U.S. Court of Appeals Judges Stanley Birch and William Pryor and U.S. District Judge Lyle Strom said the argument fails, mainly because both the plaintiffs testified they could get free photo identification "with little difficulty."

"The NAACP and voters, despite their best efforts, failed to identify a single individual who would be unable to vote because of the Georgia statute or who would face an undue burden to obtain a free voter identification card," the court concluded.
That's because GA did make a change in the law. Everyone can now get a free Voter ID card if they need it by going to the same place they issue driver's licenses (open on Saturdays) or their county registrar.

The Indiana Supreme Court decision

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