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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Reality-Based Party

On Democratic Underground, a poll has so far elicited the information that 82% of the respondents believe that they have the right to government-guaranteed "food, shelter, healthcare and security".

Shrinkwrapped writes about despair and concern over this administration's performance spreading on the right and left. In part, he notes:
If Obama has his way, he will manage to worsen (continue to worsen) our recession and increase international instability at the same time. In Scott Johnson's phrasing, Barack Obama may well combine "infantile leftism and adolescent grandiosity" in a perfectly dysfunctional whole. Only someone steeped in the academic culture can continue to believe in infantile leftism after they have begun to actually pay their own bills. But that is no reason for despair; in fact I would suggest that despite all the damage that Barack Obama and the infantile leftists can do in the next 4 years, he is also offering a marvelous opportunity that, if squandered, will be our loss, not his.

The American center and right have slowly been drawn into the orbit of the "nanny state." George W. Bush perfectly captured this ethos with his "Compassionate Conservatism." The Republicans, prior to the capture of the Congress by the Democrats, became indistinguishable form Democrats in their propensity to spend without any particular concerns about actually paying for their wish list. Our entire country has been living beyond our means with the unstated infantile fantasy that "someone" will rescue us for our profligacy. Reality is painful, yet we see signs that the sleeping giant of America may be waking up. The "Tea Parties" have evoked an interesting response.
He is correct about the lack of reality found in both parties currently. But will this change or will the system oscillate between two unrealistic poles, with each pole blaming the other for the inevitable failure?

We have reached a pass in which the CBO's explication of the economic lunacy of Obama's agenda barely upsets Washington politicians. The only hope is that the country itself rebels.

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