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Monday, May 11, 2009

Passionately In Love

Ah, the euphoria. New love - there's nothing like it. The breathless absorption, the glow it casts over everything. You feel like gravity hardly touches you.

How deeply does it go for me? Deep. Deep. Even the Chief's news that the compressor is gone on the GA heat pump, and that we may have to rip out the entire system and replace it (due to some funky law that was passed) cannot change my mood.

Should the Chief be worried that our relationship is at an end? No, because the object of my adoration is NPR's US power map. I no longer feel ashamed of my NPR addiction - this is that good.

I got it from Chicago Boyz, one of my favorite blogs.

Now, due to the fact that some of my readers apparently object to being described as geeky, I will not use the term, but I suspect that many of you will shortly be almost as mesmerized as I am.

I was going to write an explanatory post about the US employment report, but I cannot tear myself away from gazing at the information layers of my new love.

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