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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do As We Say

...But not as we did.

Both the Chief and I have been sick for weeks with this thing, which probably is H1N1. Both of us have kept getting up as soon as we felt a bit better, and both of us keep relapsing. We have now made a compact to actually try resting, which is what I am doing. I note that doing so for a few days has produced a pretty strong immune reaction. I don't know what it is with this stupid virus - you just don't feel that sick, but you really don't kick it out.

Anyway, I have heard from a few people who have done much the same thing and have managed to make themselves pretty darned sick, so I'd advise you to overrule your instinct to declare a premature victory and instead make like a couch potato until you stop feeling so tired. I can testify from personal experience that just drinking more coffee and exercising more does not work.

i had that flu the whole month of september. it wasn't the worst i've ever had, but it just wouldn't go away! and i was god-awful tired. good luck and a speedy recovery to you! :)
Back in 1968 I had a similar bout of flu. Each time I felt like it was getting better, I'd try to go back to normal and end up back in bed.

They say we old fogies may be immune to this because we've had something similar in the past. I hope they're right.

Chicken soup, lots of liquids, rest, and tincture of time. Worked for me in '68. God speed.
I second Jimmy's prescription from my own experience too.
Wish you both a speedy recovery.
Jimmy, this is what you are probably recalling.
Hope you both recover soon!
Had a bug around Labor Day, came and went for 8-10 days. One day I'd be awful, the next day I'd be 98%, two days later I'm awful again.

Chicken soup and alcohol (a couple beers a day) worked for me. Aspirin is usually a wonder drug for me but it didn't do much for me on this one. The main thing is when you're tired, just rest, don't fight it. Resting fights it better than fighting it, if you know what I mean.
Don't you two kids get any crazy ideas while you're "Resting" together!
I am glad that you two are taking it easy,it is the only way to recover.I am doing the same,the 6 inches of rain in 30 hours made it easier to do.very weird weather,60 degrees at 5 am,high temp 64 on tuesday.75 degrees and raining today,quite tropical.And prices for conventional apples are so low (chinese competition) that hundreds of acres of them are being left to rot.Drunk deer and a pervasive odor of cider vinegar coming soon,I wonder if the air quality board will weigh in? No joke,at least 600 acres of rotting apples while people are going hungry,our society is nuts.
It dawned on me once that I actually got well quicker if I gave into being sick early on. If you try and tough it out, you just seem to wear yourself down. Hope you both get better soon. I sure hope we don't bring the stuff home with us from the hospital (boyfriend's hip surgery this coming Thursday).
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