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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorry For Not Posting

The Chief hasn't been feeling too good after getting what he thought was a very light cold last week, then chest inflammation this week. I figured it was the flu, so this morning was tied up getting Zithromax. But now he is having chest pain, so it is off to the hospital.

Update: The Chief is in the hospital resting comfortably, trying to convince everyone to let him out. I think it's the flu.

Further Update: The Chief has escaped durance vile!!! They thought he was having a heart attack, but no, all his tests are clear. He is a much more chipper Chief, although he still has the flu, but even that is considerably better, and his lungs are clearer. I am vastly relieved. His pet goose is very happy. The dogs have taken a victory run, and now we will all topple into bed as the tension leaves our bodies.... It turned out that he started having the chest pains Friday morning early, so he stuck it out two days without feeling the need to consult a medical authority, or any deranged naggy person who might advocate consulting a medical authority. It was only when he started sweating and feeling disoriented that he figured he had better do something about it. Oh, well, he is alive, and the enforced inactivity did him good. Last week he told me very indignantly that if he rested any more, he'd die.

Family comes first, last, and always.
Prayers headed out your way. Hope life returns to normal soon.
Best wishes.

"There are no classes in life for beginners: right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult." - Rainer Maria Rilke
Hang tight, MOM.
Glad the situation has stabilized. I wish you all a speedy return to complete normalcy.
Good to hear that he's finally escaped! Next week will be hospital time for us. The boyfriend had his hip joint dislocate a few weeks back. Turned out that the joint on the hip replacement done about 15 years ago had disintegrated. So he gets to have it done again and will need to keep weight off it for 90 days afterwards. I'll be glad to have it all over with.
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