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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lockhart Sent Me Into A Fetal Ball

I'm not uncurling until I can read Lockhart's speech and laugh until I cry instead of just crying. See CR. Oh, our inanity is transforming into insanity.

There were contributing factors; I unwarily took a look at Treasury yields. The news of the ultimate fate of the Kelo condemn-the-unblighted properties case. Green energy for our future. Shrinkwrapped's post yesterday elicited some remarkably bizarre suggestions, such as to deport all Muslims.

On the other hand, just as in science, when the old theories break down under the weight of evidence, one is often on the threshold not of hopeless confusion, but of a new and great discovery. Let it be so here. Herbert abruptly is able to criticize Obama (less than two months after describing criticism of Obama as racism). Hiatt points out that progressives may like the goal of the health care reform legislation, but that if the price tag is too high, ultimately it is a danger to progressive goals:
Under his plan, according to a CBO analysis, the government will be spending 24.5 percent of gross domestic product -- the total value of the national economy -- by 2019 while raising only 19 percent in revenue: a huge, unsustainable gap.

In the kind of fiscal crisis that might ensue, as progressive budget expert Robert Greenstein said recently, "the risk is high that the people with the least political power in this country could bear a disproportionate share of the burden even though, by and large, they're lower on the income scale." The government would spend more and more on interest payments while likely stinting on college scholarships, inner-city schools, and, above all, aid to the poor and near-poor here and abroad.

Expanded access to health care has rightly been a goal for decades. No civilized nation should allow sick people to go untreated. Yet neither should a civilized nation saddle its coming generations with a lower standard of living, a likely effect of U.S. profligacy if unchecked. No civilized nation should leave its government too bankrupt to help the poor.
When we are driven to the point of absurdity, the ability to recognize the contradictions and seek a new solution is often the key to a much brighter future.

This is the fundamental disgrace of all collectivist economies, of any ideological flavor. The poor are told that now everything is great, everyone gets what they need. But the elites at the top always prosper, while the bottom sits in their waste.

But of course, they'll have goverment health care.
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