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Saturday, December 19, 2009

So There Is A Major Blizzard In The NE

Philly Metro is predicted to get 12-20 inches now? DC 12 to 20 inches. Greenwich, CT is still only looking at an effete 8-14 inches, with NYC expecting a feeble 5-10 inches. Boston, MA 7-15 inches.

Boston, GA 0 inches, fishing, hunting and golfing conditions not bad with mixed sun and clouds, high about 59. See? There's a reason to go south for the winter; those agonizing decisions about whether to fish, golf or hunt make winter sports much more attractive.

Somewhere, Gaia is snickering. It is pretty hard to generate a news cycle on Copenhagen when everyone's huddled inside drinking hot chocolate.... The weather people are very excited.

This leads me to reflect that the reason the hospitals are so good in the North is really the weather; these people have adversity to contend with. Hopefully I will not have to get the Chief to one in a hurry.

Oh, for the sunny South. Three or four inches would have been nice and seasonal. I don't want to see ten, and anything over that is pure M_O_M harassment IMO. The last few days the Chief has not been doing well although he took a turn for the better yesterday evening. But I have had very little sleep.

Greetings from Greenwich. Snow is strictly forbidden other than between the hours of 2-6 AM.

Sorry to hear The Chief is not well. We're keeping him in our thoughts.
Hope the Chief is better soon.

Wish the storm was the only snowjob in DC right now.
Wish the chief well for me.currently 36F and dense fog,high of 62 predicted,but maybe not where I am on the edge of the fog belt.
Take care of The Chief and yourself as well.
Here in the wilds of south-east Pennsylvania we are getting dark as the snowfall rate is picking up, heading for that 12-20 inches.
Dreaming of a "White Christmas"? Bah Humbug...
Good Ole Charlie
(who can't figure out Google Acount)
Its ~7:45 PM in Northern Westchester, New York and the snow has just begun to accumulate...the South is looking better and better by the moment...and with the so-called healthcare bill (perhaps to be called the 2010 Medical Stagnation and Dedifferentiation Bill) ready for cloture, maybe we all should move south, where the living is easier.

Was ist das?
Neil - SW is pointing out that if the bill passes, the advantage in NE medicine available to the average person won't exist any more. Therefore, why not opt for sun? Heck, we might as well just move to Mexico.

I must admit that the political news over the weekend sort of put the icing on the cake, so to speak.
Best wishes that the Chief may recover soon.
Ensure, difficult as it understandably is, that you don't strain yourself too much either.
Ah, I think I understand.

"Heck, we might as well just move to Mexico."

Yes, I suspect there's going to be a lot of that going around. If you find out where the cool kids are moving to, please clue me in.
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