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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sorry For Absence

This is my hell. Diagnosis unstable angina, SuperDoc told me to be very worried. The Chief was at the hospital all day into late evening (we got home around 11). New angiogram. No blockage, but low blood flow to the lower heart.

The hospital prescribed Imdur; SuperDoc told me that because of the Chief's prior history he should be in the hospital for a couple of days upon starting that drug, although it was probably the right thing. Chief screamed for approximately 11 hours upon receiving that news, so I haven't called the hospital doc back to ask for hospitalization.

SuperDoc also told me to take him off the lisinopril which was prescribed in the GA hospital. This morning I went and bought a heart pressure monitor and we'll see how the Chief does off it. The chest pain has not recurred. The Chief had a bad reaction to Altace which is very similar to lisinopril (he was hospitalized with sudden anaphylactic reactions to substances to which he is normally not allergic) and the chest pain was sudden onset in October and never cleared since then, except the Chief says it is gone now. So there is some chance he was reacting badly to the lisinopril. Again, we'll see.

The Chief is resting because you need to go light activity for three days after the angiogram, so the next couple of days will tell the tale as he begins to resume activity, although I think I will keep the Chief off the woodpile for some time to come. Prayers would be appreciated.

I stopped the Chief screaming with the blood pressure monitor and a prescription to control those readings. He can drop his own blood pressure to some extent, so at least he has a goal and has stopped yelling at me. His mood has improved a lot upon finding he can affect the situation positively, so that's something.

The Chief is now being treated at a specialty hospital that is one of the best in the country, so at least I know he won't be killed through incompetence. SuperDoc told me not to let the Chief go back to South GA; he said the situation is too serious. Both the hospital and SuperDoc seemed quite astounded at the care the Chief received (or did not receive) in SGA. The words "a severely technically limited study" occurred in the hospital writeup referring to the SGA diagnostics. SuperDoc was muttering bitterly about jail terms.

The hospital the Chief went to in SGA is a regional medical center.

I bring this up because everyone's focusing on insurance, not medical care. Low Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements are not only driving up the cost of private insurance but crippling medical services in the more rural areas. Obviously this can drive up expenses in the long term - the right medical care is cheapest in the long run.

Uh, I hate to belabor the point, but this is a case in which prayer might be effective. The Chief has done absolutely everything he can do - at the hospital in SGA in October, even with the extremely low dose of cholesterol medicine, the Chief's total cholesterol was 147 and his triglycerides were a sterling 77. In general, you can get help if you are doing your share but not if you are sitting on your butt expecting the Lord to push one way while you are pushing the other way. You have to make the decision; once you do you sometimes can get help for the stuff you can't do yourself.

Anyway, throughout my long association with SuperDoc, this is the only time I have ever been told to panic, so I am pretty worried. I have resolved to enjoy every day and every hour of my time with the Chief.

Take care of the Chief; the rest of the world will muddle through in the meantime.
Best to you and yours.
MoM tell the chief tat I lit a candle for him,at both ends.I will also ask the local tibetan Buddhist Sangha to put him on their prayer list ( I am not a member,but am friendly with several members)I have a bottle of lisnopril on the counter,happily no side effects for me.remember that you can not care for the Chief if you do not take care of yourself!
My best wishes and prayers that the situation may stabilize.
As Tom Stone pointed out, don't neglect to take care of yourself either.
We're praying here in Washington State. I've never met either of you, but you are good people and deserve a reprieve.

Very sorry to hear about the Chief's problems. Fortunately, he's got you and SuperDoc on his side now. Thoughts and prayers with you both.

I saw this on that Michael J. Fox movie from the early 90's, Doc Hollywood. Good old fashioned seltzer (I think they used seven up or ginger ale?) can cause burping which can take strain off, off of what I am not sure but in the movie it apparently helped the young boy who was having heart palpitations or something like that.

In other words, burping, when it is necessary, might be helpful. Seltzer water with a bit of maple syrup or blue agave sweetener might be something to ask the doc if it is worth keeping around.

Maybe a few burps a day will keep the docs away.
Hi MoM,

The Chief is definitely doing his part with those cholesterol and trig numbers. Those are fabulous numbers. My family will keep both of you in our prayers until Chief gets better. May God grant you his peace and a quick healing.
God bless both of you. Stay vigilant.
Prayers for the Chief from a fellow medicophobe.
Best wishes and prayers from Texas.

btw...MOM,I think you are a remarkable woman. Hang in there.

-- Army Mom
Be peaceful.

Thinking of you and hoping for the best.
God bless and keep you, dear. I am praying for you both during this very difficult time.

Sending you and Chief prayers and healing vibes.
Thank you all. There is nothing more I can say except that it helps.
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