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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still Coping With The Chief

Somewhat successfully. He has been diagnosed by the specialty hospital as having a rare type of angina involving only the smaller vessels. However the real problem was diagnosed by SuperDoc; he has GERD. Stomach acid is flowing back into his esophagus and is causing breathing problems when he inhales it, which exacerbates his stress and causes his blood pressure to go up.

But the Chief decided to eat pork chops last night, so today he is not having a good day. He'll live and learn. I made him do asthma breathing for an hour, and his blood pressure plummeted. This is, btw, how most classically-trained people do science and medicine is science. Observation, testing/experiment, theory formation, prediction, observational confirmation.

Climate Science, on the hand, is now proven to work along the lines of Theory - Observations - Try to Seize Control of Observations and Fix Them To Match Theory - Declare Victory - Upon Failure To Shut Up Critics, Try To Seize Control of All Publications - Upon Failure, Declare Critics Traitors Who Should Be Shot. I have been laughing uncontrollably at the blithe ability to go on defending CO2 Catastrophic Warming theory even after the proof that whatever it is, it ain't science surfaced. All I can say to any reader of the this blog who still thinks these people have any credibility whatsoever is that if any person offers to give you a free pair of undies that will protect your family jewels from the harmful effect of increased radiation while flying, resist your impulse to accept! Pause! Reflect!

Regarding the Roasted Scrotum Terrorist, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I spent all weekend laughing over this Casey Serin-like attempt at mass murder. I cannot feel that this is a public relations hit; one suspects that the next candidate will think twice before donning the latest in the Charred Ballz (TM) line of Yemen designer undies. Yes, they ARE trendy, but is the discomfort worth the styling?

IMO it also brings up questions over the quality of the education at the University College London's engineering school. This dude graduated from UCL with a degree in mechanical engineering, and he didn't know enough to ask "What happens if the explosive briefs don't work as planned?" Engineers should be a little more failure-conscious than that. It seems to me that even if the Baddaboom Briefs had worked, the explosion might well not have blown through the side of the airplane, although the surrounding passengers would have been showered with pieces of scrotum and guts in a truly disgusting manner. Perhaps that is enough of an aspiration for the average UCL ME grad. However the prospect of roasting your chestnuts and toasting your wienie over an open fire has got to be daunting. My guess is that Kid Terrorist did not even consider it. It does make for some great new versions of standard Christmas carols, so you can't say he won't be memorialized in song.

Perhaps it is best that this dingbat will never be an actively practicing engineer; he might well have killed quite a few people inadvertently if he had actually tried to work for a living. This kid was president of the Islamic Student Council at UCL. It is nice to know that UCL provides a well-rounded multi-cultural educational experience even if it does not actually do so well at the education thang. Maybe that is their plan; the would-be terrorists will not be very successful at the execution stage due to their Mad Terrorist Skillz.

It did not help my attempt to regain sobriety when the early US adminstration pronouncements veered into broad farce, such as Napolitano's attempt to convince us that US security plans were working just fine. One would logically draw the conclusion that the SuperSecret US Security Plan is to attract incompetent terrorists rather than to stop terrorists. All in all, only Mel Brooks could do justice to this incident, and unfortunately, he is dead. Mel, we mourn you.

TechnoBuddha had a very similar reaction to mine; he felt there was a huge viral marketing potential in this incident. As an example, he recommends that MasterCard do a low budget version of their ad campaign using this theme ("Intact Scrotum - Priceless! For everything else there's MasterCard") and release it on YouTube. I think they should add a few words about the benefits of credit card money-back guarantees for defect purchases.

Regular blogging will resume soon. I have even gone to the trouble of making some beyootiful graphs showing real hockey sticks over bank chargeoffs.

Glad to hear that the Chief's been diagnosed ... now it's a matter of getting him to live with the treatment (good luck with that).
Ugh--GERD is nasty stuff, I know a couple of people who have such problems, some relatively young for such things. Losing your ability to eat as you wish is a real bummer. But it's better than the alternatives, in this case.

BTW--Mel Brooks is quite alive, thank God. If ever we needed over-the-top humor, we need it now. I just hope he's up to making one or two more movies.

Check out this post by Dr. Eades regarding GERD. It may be very helpful to you.
Neil! You're right! We are saved!.

I await his Christmas bombing special with desperate anticipation.
I anxiously await your hockey stick charts.

My word verification is "retalwor".

I think it's code for fetalwar, because every time I think about our neverending wars I'm tempted to go fetal (and cry like a baby).

It's good to hear that you at least know what the problem is with your more than significant other.
What is it with terrorists and testicles? The Glasgow airport terrorist got himself kicked so hard in the bollocks by a cabbie that it broke his foot (the cabbie's, that is).
Have Chief try kapldex for the stomach acid. Works
wonders for me.
After looking up GERD on Mayo's site, I guess I qualify. What works for me is not overeating; not eating late, and being careful with acidic foods like pizza and marinara.

If I know I'm going to be eating something that triggers it, like chili, I take Ranitidine or Cimetizine before eating. That will prevent it entirely for me. If I get it, taking one of the above OTC meds plus a couple of antacids will relive it.

Your mileage will likely vary. Good luck!
Gordon - well, SuperDoc says the Chief has an ulcerated esophagus, so he is on the little purple pill for now. SuperDoc says he has to be aggressively treated right now because otherwise the Chief could end up with cancer.

The sudden drops in blood sugar/blood pressure and some of the odd blood tests seem to show the Chief is bleeding internally. But he is a lot more stable. I look forward to a new year with less time spent in hospitals. I counted it up. For four weeks, only 4 days did not include a hospital, doctor's or clinic appointment. No wonder I am so exhausted.
Daniel - one does wonder at the seeming element of morbid, Shakespearean-bawdy farce in some of these attacks. If, as reported, one of the triggers for the Fort Hood attack was that a bumpersticker saying "Allah is Love" was pulled off Malik's car, were mass shooting deaths really likely to prove the veracity of the bumpersticker?

And why is a loving Allah so insistent upon his believers going up in flames? The one airport attacker deliberately set himself on fire AFTER his attack had failed. "Die before the power of my my sizzling testicles, Infidel" is not a war cry likely to intimidate the infidels.
MoM i think we should encourage terrorists to set their balls on fire as proof of their love for allah,preferably with a thermite or white phosphorous grenade.Oh,and do be careful that the folks at the specialty hospital don't try to treat the chief for something he does not have...folk's like that don't tend to listen real well because they know better.
I keep you and yours in my prayers each day. I know the Good Lord will keep you close during the days ahead. You are a paradigm of devotion, intelligence and clear thinking. Hang tough, and hold the line, amiga!

Best wishes and prayers for the Chief's speedy recovery.
Thank you everyone, especially for the prayers. The Chief is doing somewhat better but will be going through more medical testing this coming week.

Since this started with the flu, I think a deeper look at his lungs is now necessary. However, overall, his condition is far better, although his temperament is fraying under the stress of being inactive for so long.

This is the first time in his life he has experienced a prolonged period of illness. Looked at in one way, that means this is a shock. Looked at in another way, it's proof that he has been pretty lucky! I am trying to stress the second POV to him.
I have had GERD for many years and I get asthma, not heartburn. You don't need to breath in the acid, it just needs to get into the esophegus. it triggers some nervous system reaction. The easy test is eat, wait for coughing to start, take a teaspoon of mylantin. If the coughing is caused by the GERD, it will stop in a couple of minutes.
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