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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Is Well

The Chief is home and SuperDoc's computers are running.

I couldn't get the hospital to discharge the Chief, so eventually we just walked out this evening. They said they were going to this morning, but somehow they just never could get around to it. The nurse was desperate for the bed (they had patients waiting for admission) and I was staggering tired, so finally we just gave up and escaped.

The Chief is snoring in bed. He is really tired but looks very good. The bulldog is sort of purring to herself in her bed, in perfect harmony with the Chief. She was about the happiest dog in creation when she saw the Chief walk in the door.

I am about to roll into bed. I am very tired. Thank you all so much for the good thoughts, prayers and just companionship. The last few months have been extremely difficult. I have not been able to use my medication much at all because of the Chief's difficult situation, and I really did need divine aid to get through this. At one point I was barely able to walk on my right leg.

I am horrified about the Haitian quake. It is truly a disaster of epic proportions. Apparently all three of the Doctors Without Borders(MSF) hospital were pretty much destroyed, which just goes to show how pervasive the damage is. Many of the roads are blocked, and it will be very difficult to get the basic infrastructure back up in a country with so little resources of its own.

Glad to hear the Chief is home. Get some rest, and I hope the Chief gets better over the next few days.
Good news. Now make like the Chief and the bulldog and get some rest. 'Tain't nothing of importance about which you need to blog.
I'm happy for you. :)
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