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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If You Care

Further Update: The turnout was very high judging by Boston.com. 75% now, Brown 53, Coakley 46. It would seem that even the lawyers are defeated; it will be hard for the Senate to delay seating Brown.

Update: 69% in, Brown 53, Coakley 46. I think that's it. She can make up a few points from here, but not 7.

Boston.com has an election returns page. Or CNN is updating this post with results.

On a humorous note, this has got to be the worst headline ever - Democrats seek Plan B on health reform.

Plan B is an emergency high dose of hormones similar to the pill designed to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting.

So is the headline implying that Democrats are seeking a way to discreetly prevent the health care reform bill from entering the world as law?

Maybe CNN used this lead because of Coakley's recent comments implying that orthodox Catholics shouldn't be allowed to work in an emergency room. This caused something of a furor in a state in which many hospitals are run by the Catholic church. See Ann Althouse's post which covers the whole thing, except for one important fact: Plan B is sold over the counter. You don't need a doctor to get it. So I can't imagine what Coakley is after aside from gratuitous Catholic bashing!

Victory for Brown!! Sweet. The people of blue, blue Massachusetts have spoken.

The battle to stop Obamacare just got some reinforcment.
MoM I will never forget seeing "Democracy Restored In Haiti" as a banner headline of the San Francisco Chronicle some years ago.I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.If I were a Dem running in the near future I would ask Obama to endorse my opponent or at least criticise me for not being a team player.
Jimmy - after reading Obama's new claim that he won't allow Congress to pass a bill "over the people's heads" I agree. Oh, what a difference a day makes.

Tom - Do you by chance recall Gerald Ford claiming in a debate with Jimmy Carter that there was no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe?

Our politicians are often pretty good comics, and so are our journalists. And these are the people condescending to the plumbers, electricians, farmers and truck drivers?

It must be good weed.
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