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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Reading Citizens United

Volokh has a ton of posts up over it. A great day. Decision (pdf) here. Obama's having a hissy fit, but the reasoning seems pretty sound.

The decision should be good for radio revenue especially those with a talk radio component.

As a Massachusetts native I am pretty amazed that there was not much whining here over the election and many I work with (in liberal Cambridge no less) have been all smiles all week. Very strange, and then we get a possible real banking reform proposal today from the President? Will wonders never cease?
getyourselfconnected...great point about advertising revenue//why radio more than other media, though?

I'm wondering if you could address the larger issue of why corporations should have rights like people do?

That's my main concern.

I haven't read the decision, and am not a lawyer, but would appreciate your perspective.

I'm wondering if you could address the larger issue of why corporations should have rights like people do?

Since NOT ONE PERSON IN THE COUNTRY IS PROPOSING SUCH A THING, I don't understand why you think it's a larger issue?

Assemblages of people can not have their right to free speech infringed because they are an assemblage. The reason for their assemblage is immaterial.
Dan - differentiating between an economic assembly of individuals and one individual clearly shifts power toward those who already have it, rather than shifting power to the average person.

It is not really fair to make it law that a person with several millions can fund whatever speech he likes, while the law makes it illegal for his twenty neighbors to combine their efforts and convey their message.

Also, the best thing about this ruling is that it will shift payments and funding of messages more to the open and away from direct payments to the candidate.

In my opinion, the reason why so many Critters are so averse to allowing people to compete for votes on the market is that it greatly cuts down on their ability to extract money from companies.
I have no string feelings about the decision either way; the money will flow only the method will change.

I think this helps radio revenue due to ,ore ads being run directly by companies in targeted effort. Radio is very effective and cheaper than TV.
Thinking about this some more...strikes me that this will benefit those issues on which business corporations and union (which are also usually corporations, of course) can make common cause.

Protectionism, for example.
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