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Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Try Laughter

The economy is depressing me, largely because there's now a chance and I suspect we are carefully and strategically shutting the door to that chance.

So don't think about that - read this SFGate article about the Lake Tahoe bear (700 lbs) that has been breaking into people's houses. The comments are the great part. Consider the locale, and feast on such stuff as...
At least make it fair. Give the bear a gun so he can have the chance to defend himself against the hunter.
That's right, shoot the "unusually smart" bear.
We are surely the only things that matter on this planet.

Humans are so arrogant, short-sighted, delusional and self-serving it makes me hope that aliens come to earth and enslave us for being such a ridiculous species.
Several people have shot at the bear. But they are not named:
Lackey said one resident reported shooting the bear right between the eyes with a .44 Magnum after the hungry giant lifted a sliding-glass door off the tracks and started toward him. The bullet glanced off and sent the bear whirling around the kitchen, and a second shot prompted him to scramble out the back door, according to local newspaper accounts.
A Diamond Peak, Nev., resident said he shot the bear in the back with a .30-30 rifle when the animal charged him just after Thanksgiving.

"I've seen bears before, but this was the biggest bear I've ever seen," said the man, who did not want to be identified out of fear that animal lovers would harass him. "I can tell you this thing was nasty looking, with scars on its face and a gash on its neck."
Because there is nothing worse than defending yourself?

Calif has a large population of black bear but during this time of year they are generally snoozing. Tahoe is no longer a wild area instead its really a urban environment with lots of housing subdivisions on septic no less. Bears that hit on cabins and campsites are quickly taken away by the authorities and its not unusual or difficult to get a permit to destroy bears that are causing property damage.
Sorry M_O_M, I can't laugh at that display of self-hatred. That strikes fear in my heart in a way that an incipient economic depression just can't.

I'd say it's just a prelude to a culling of the gene pool, but these are the folks that hold most of the political power in the country--they'll make sure the bear eats them last!
Ronald - well, the local authorities certainly seemed to be trying to deal with the situation rationally!

Neil - I don't think this is self-hatred. I think this is a case of people just maul at others for fun. Bear commenters, I guess.
Self-hatred or just hate for rural folks, either way it scares me to no end. Living in a metro area on the West Coast, I've heard way too much of this argued in too much detail to think they don't mean it. It took a while before I came to grips with that.
"Humans are so arrogant, short-sighted, delusional and self-serving it makes me hope that aliens come to earth and enslave us for being such a ridiculous species."

This person has never been face to face with a hungry, rogue bear. Bears who scavenge on human food and garbage are extremely dangerous. This bear would normally be in hibernation by now, so there is something screwed up about it. The sooner the authorities get this one out of circulation the better.

Some of these earth first flower children all believe the Disney
movies are documentaries. Such loving, harmless creatures they all are. In truth a bear is nothing but an appetite dresseed in a fur coat. Their sole job from early spring to hibernation is to put on fat. Nothing else matters. Don't get between them and their food. Or between a female and her cubs.
California has a serious bear problem. They now have urban bears, who were raised by their moms in urban environments, so all they know is the rich pickings from trash cans. These bears have no interest in berries, and have no idea how to catch fish. Worse, their diets are very rich, which means they have more cubs than wild bears.

The more serious problem, of course, is that there are way too many idiot humans in the state.
MoM,I live in California,and believe me these people are not funny.They tend to be delusional,seriously irrational,extremely self righteous and enraged.In one town I lived in I would have faced the probability of serious time in prison if I shot and killed an armed intruder in my bedroom at 2 AM and would almost certainly have lost the ensuing civil suit if the District Attorney decided not to prosecute."why didn't you try to reason with him?".
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