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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She Wrote Cheerfully

Just got back from the hospital. The Chief was having problems with his left hand this morning, but he was much, much better tonight. He passed his mobility exam and is now permitted to get out of bed on his own, and so far test results have been good.

I'm very encouraged - it looks like he might get out of this without any real damage. With any luck he'll be home tomorrow.

The nicest thing tonight is kind of hard to explain. The other morning he had seemed somewhat dazed - as if he hadn't quite woken up. Last night he was even more muddled - it was subtle, but very real, and he was getting confused about the events of the morning. Tonight he was much more alert and normal. Every once in a while he gets a bit tangled up, but for the most part he is dead on. He had read the paper and was shaking his head about some of the economic stories.

Most of SuperDoc's computers were working this morning. I may have fixed the last one today, but I am pretty dazed myself and I am not sure!

I will now execute a topple into bed and a descent into unconsciousness.

Sounds like the Chief's brain is wiring around whatever damage he took. I hope he's able to make a full and swift recovery!
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Best wishes. Hope you've solved all your "intermittents".
Best wishes to both of you.
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